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Online Fiat Wallet Neteller Began To Exchange Cryptocurrencies

Online Fiat Wallet Neteller Began To Exchange Cryptocurrencies


Paysafe Group Ltd has developed a new a project called “Neteller”. This year in October, the team announced that the clients of the company can currently work with cryptocurrencies which they have in the e-wallet. Today, owners of the fiat Netart Neteller e-wallet have a possibility of buying, selling and keeping the most sought-after digital currencies: Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). At the same time, the option of Exchange Cryptocurrencies is accessible only to the citizens of ten countries.

The project is called “Paysafe Financial Services Ltd” and it has been launched at the end of the 1990s as a substitute of another methods of online payment and now it gets to the next level. Most enterprises realize that such a thing as digital currency can’t be neglected as well as start to progressively introduce them into their work.

Previously, “Paysafe Group Ltd” has indicated that “Skrill” project has already started to offer the customers of their wallets the possibility to use almost fifty e-currencies buying and selling the most demanded cryptocurrencies.


“Neteller” works into digital currency to a diversity of accessible ways of payment

To date, clients of “Neteller” can exchange common fiat money, for the five most popular digital currency units. On a short-term horizon, the enterprise is going to extend the list of accessible e-currencies and to widen the geography. “Paysafe Financial Services Ltd” aims at enhancing the number of countries where the possibility to change the fiat units for digital ones will be accessible up to 50. Moreover, the possibility of Exchange Cryptocurrencies will shortly be added to the “Neteller” application.

What should be known about “Neteller”

“Neteller” belongs to the greatest online payments and money transfer companies worldwide, handling lots of payments every year. Using our e-wallet allows you to pay for products and services, send and withdraw cash in various cash machines, retail undertakings and webpages worldwide. “Paysafe Group” the parent enterprise of “Neteller” has the required authorizations from U.K. Financial Conduct Authority, which is why every processes associated with the common fiat currencies are regulated in accordance with the norms of the entity.

Nevertheless, transactions and Exchange Cryptocurrencies aren’t adjusted by these entities. Hence, in this case, the business operates in accordance with the inner regulations of circulation and operations in digital currencies.

How it works

In general, together with digital money, clients of our platform are currently offered more than 100 ways to make payment. You can top up your account via Bitcoin, Paysafecard, Epay and a few other Internet banks. The currencies available are dollars, rubles, reals, yen, francs, etc.
Setting up a Neteller account allows the users from all over the world to pay, keep and earn money. While setting an account, you have to establish the currency by default in your wallet. If this currency is euro or American dollar, your Exchange Cryptocurrencies change will be 1.5%. In case that you choose other default currencies, the purchase fee will rise to 3%. The lowest possible sum for operations with cryptocurrency is on the order of 10 euro, while the superior limit depends on the those specified for a specific account.

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