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Move Towards Mass Adoption Of Blockchain Technologies

Move Towards Mass Adoption Of Blockchain Technologies


Many cryptocurrency tools, presented at the moment, often are not understandable for ordinary users. To understand mass adoption of blockchain technologies, simple users need to acquire special technical knowledge.

Products based on blockchain technology already have a significant economic impact, especially noticeable in fast developing countries, where the majority of the population does not have bank accounts and does not have access to financing their needs.

To obtain a comprehensive mass distribution of these technologies, and in particular cryptocurrencies, which will help improve the economic conditions for many people, developers need to make them accessible and understandable for people of any social layer, education and culture.

Even the simple possession and storage of cryptocurrency often becomes a rather complicated process for people not associated with this technology, so at this stage there can be no talk of the mass adoption of cryptofinances by the general population.


Secure possession involves fairly complex manipulations with different types of crypto wallets and software, but more understandable wallets on remote servers that are accessible via the Internet do not provide an adequate level of financial security. The safe storage and use of cryptocurrencies for purchases and payments is far from a convenience acceptable to most ordinary consumers.

Cryptocurrencies have already absorbed a sufficiently large amount of money and affect the global economy, so at this stage it is necessary to provide the opportunity for as many people as possible to facilitate entry into the world of crypto finance.

The interface of cryptocurrency tools should be so simple that people far from IT technologies, finance and programming can use them easily by clicking a button, or a link, without having to delve into the details of the blockchain and special programs functioning.

Mass adoption of blockchain technologies

For pensioners, ordinary housewives and people of the humanitarian profession, should be easy to use cryptocurrency for everyday purchases and pay bills. In developing countries, where more than 1.5 billion people do not have a bank account, more than a billion of them have mobile phones which could be used to pay for goods and services. This provides an excellent opportunity for the widespread adoption of cryptotechnologies.

People, who are already used to banking products, including online banking, will find it easy to start using cryptocurrency wallets if their interface will be similar to traditional banking. Existing POS terminals and cryptocurrency ATMs – are the first step towards meeting an ordinary consumer. As in traditional economics, the user must become center of attention for developers, so that they can significantly expand their audience.

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