BITCOIN Cash News: BCH-PAID Medicine, Music Fest And Blogging

BITCOIN Cash News: BCH-PAID Medicine, Music Fest And Blogging


The past week was especially exiting for those who support BCH. Together with a successful Stress Test Day, resulted in record 2.2 million transactions for a day, we have a lot more BITCOIN cash news about the BCH ecosystem.


The 1st of September became the triumph for the Bitcoin Cash community, as the Stress Test Day was highly successful. So they continued flooding the network with transactions until the next 5 days. Speaking on BCH trading markets, we can say that the spot price of BCH is quite low. It stems from the trading price of cryptocurrency, which is $437 per coin. While you are reading these lines, the bitcoin cash market capitalization is $7.6 billion and commands $345 million in 24-hour trade volume. Data stemming from the price and market statistics website Satoshi Pulse details that the top exchange today swapping the most BCH is the trading platform Lbank.  Speaking about money flow traded against BCH the top pairs today are tether (USDT 46%), BTC (29.3%), ETH (12.7%), USD (7%), QC (1.9%), and KRW (0.88%).



North Queensland ‘Country by day Rock by Night’ rock festival was sponsored by the local BCH merchants. The rock festival will feature artists such as Troy Cassar-Daley, The McClymonts, Judah Kelly, Homegrown, Brooke ‘Josie’ Roberts, and Tony Cook. The organizers also provide 40$ tickets for payments with bitcoin cash. Speaking of the North Queensland BCH community, we also have to mention Coffee Pedlar, a cafe which accepts only bitcions as a payment method.


There is good news within the BCH ecosystem – and that’s not about tedious crypto-markets. The Canadian online pharmacy service announced the possibility to pay for their products or services using bitcoin cash. According to the company’s representative, is happy to accept BCH to fulfill prescription orders. He also mentioned that their prices are lower than ones in the USA. But ScriptCare is an online vendor, so the company can’t sell the medicine directly to Canadian citizens. They can only import and export medication.


The application Matter.Cas made its users able to add arbitrarily long comments as replies to posts on the website. The application, which is a platform by nature, allows users to create long-form posts using the Bitcoin Cash chain’s op-return feature. According to its developers, the platform will soon feature ‘Submatters’. It will make it close to Reddit-like communities. The developers also explained that the new features enable users to create the content to both grow the own community and earn Bitcoin Cash. They also announced special administration rights and the possibility to change the interface for the owners.


One of the most exciting news is that NBA’s Houston Rockets owner, Tilman Fertitta, revealed Post Oak Motor Cars, his luxury automobile dealership, will accept BCH payments. To put it simple, the members of BCH community will be able to buy any luxurious car using bitcoin cash.

All in all, there will be a lot more news to share with you. For example, the global NoSQL database is expecting a true “quantum leap” as the developer Unwriter has revealed that Bitdb 2.0 is coming soon. This will definitely transform the industry.


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