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A Censorship-Resistant Storage System Was Launched

A Censorship-Resistant Storage System Was Launched


Creation of a censorship-proof data storage system

This October, the creators of Bitcoinfiles.com released the initial option of file censorship-proof data storage plan, affiliated to the BCH block chain. This binding provides the safety of the custom files. Any user can leave a link to the file up to 5kb to a block chain, to enhance its resilience to censure. This censorship-resistant storage system possesses an open source software and can be unfastened from the Bitcoinfiles system and transferred to another place if required. However, the files will continue to be a part of the permanent blockchain.

Chance and risks of the platform

The project proponents are the founders of Bitcoin Cash – James Kramer, Hapticpilot and Attila Aros see huge potential for using this stack. That’s a further step on the way to freedom of information dissemination all over the world and easy access to it. Anyone is able to download data simply here without obligatory registration at censorship-resistant storage system.

Sharing the files which cannot be controlled by the authorities is safe both for media and secret informers without fear of being identified and punished. This may allow to safeguard the work of most reporters, avert lots of criminal acts and reveal the unfair authorities.


Censorship-resistant storage system tied to Bitcoin blockchain

Nowadays, the files downloaded must be small. The price of every upload is 25 cents. Meanwhile, that’s already a completely functioning project, a platform, which permits users to distribute files linked to a BCH blockchain. Our clients can share their files resistant to censorship just by sharing the URL of the file.

How to use the platform?

Our team has already checked the censorship-resistant storage system and downloaded a text file of approximately 5 KB. Downloading assets from Bitcoinfiles.com will be quite easy for the users who once downloaded information to the hosting and used the blockchain wallet. In this case, the process of download is very simple. Usually, users just have to click the button called “Upload”. Moreover, it won’t be difficult for the starters who aren’t familiar with such terms of BCH and cryptocurrency. Our platform shall not be liable for anyone’s prohibited conduct related to the uploaded files. Thus, by clicking you accept the exclusion of liability and pay the price of the service, as well as a network charge. Users can pay for the service by means of a common QR-code, a simple “Money Button” or the registered address of your e-wallet.

By scanning a QR code, I paid Bitcoinfiles.com system for the file downloading from an e-wallet. Payment went well. Then I received a message that confirmed the start of the boot process. Upon the upload completion, the system grants the URL-address of the BCH block and puts a timestamp. Later, you can test the uploaded file. You can find the necessary file and download it gratis and fast at the website of the project.

In this way, the BCH has newly shown itself as a technology that creates new opportunities for mankind. However, it also gives rise to the new issues.

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