A Censorship-Resistant Storage System Was Launched

A Censorship-Resistant Storage System Was Launched


The developers of Bitcoinfiles.com launched on October 19 the first version of the file censorship-resistant storage system tied to the BCH block chain. This binding ensures the security of user files. Anyone can link a file up to 5kb to a BCH chain in order to increase its resistance to censorship. The platform has open source code and can be untied from the Bitcoinfiles system and moved to another location if necessary, but the files will remain part of the immutable blockchain.

Opportunities and risks of Bitcoinfiles.com

The project developers are the creators of Bitcoin Cash – Hapticpilot, James Kramer and Attila Aros see great promise for using their platform. This is another step towards freedom of information distribution throughout the world and free access to it. Any user can upload information there without registering.

Distributing files that cannot be censored by governments or anyone else will be safe for both journalists and clandestine informants without fear of being recognized and then persecuted. This will help to protect the work of many journalists, as well as, probably prevent many crimes and expose unscrupulous representatives of the authorities.

Uploading files to the Bitcoinfiles.com system is carried out without the need for any identification of the uploading person. The uploaded file can then not be changed by anyone, thanks to the use of the Blockchain technology.

However, the same possibilities cause many fears, since in the same way malicious and illegal information can be spread, as well as information that is not subject to publication. This question remains open.


Censorship-resistant storage system associated with  Bitcoin blockchain

At the moment the uploaded files should be small, and the upload will cost 25 cents. At the same time, this is already a fully working project, a platform that allows you to download and upload files linked to a BCH blockchain. Users will be able to distribute their files protected from censorship, simply by sharing the URL of the file.

Using Bitcoinfiles.com

We tested the system and uploaded a text file of just under 5 kilobytes in size. Uploading or downloading files from Bitcoinfiles.com will not present any difficulties for those who once uploaded files to the hosting, and also used the cryptocurrency BCH and its wallet. Then upload process is intuitive and clear, in most cases you just need to press the upload button. Even for beginners unfamiliar with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, this does not seem particularly difficult.

Bitcoinfiles.com is not responsible for anyone’s illegal behavior associated with the downloaded files, so after clicking you confirm the acceptance of the disclaimer and pay the cost of the service plus a network fee. You can pay for the upload with the help of a traditional QR-code, the text of the address of the wallet or a special Money Button.

Having scanned a QR code, we paid for the service of uploading a file to the Bitcoinfiles.com system from an online wallet. Payment was successful, after which there was a message about the beginning of the uploading process. At the end of the upload, the system issues the URL of the BCH block and places a timestamp. After that, you can check the file, where it can be found among the other files. On the Bitdb 2.0 project website, you can find the uploaded file and download it for free and quickly.

Thus, the blockchain has once again proved itself as a technology that opens up new possibilities for humanity and, at the same time, raises more and more new questions.


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