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What Are The Options Of Fair Credit Cards That You Can Use

What Are The Options Of Fair Credit Cards That You Can Use


A lot of information about credit cards exists for borrowers who have problems with a credit, or vice versa, a high credit rating. But there are a large number of people who are interested in fair credit cards.

Millions of people have a credit score of about 700, which is an average figure in this country. In case your credit state is average, then you will probably also be interested in information of options for fair credit cards for average credit. We have made for you a selection of the best options, so read on if you want to know about them.

Capital One QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards

If you like to receive a part of your money spent on buying back to you, then you will definitely like this credit card. QuicksilverOne will return you 1.5% of any expenses incurred through it. There is no need to choose any categories, just get a percentage of your money back.

Also, you will not need to worry about fees for foreign payments during your travels. In terms of cash back conditions, this card is one of the best options for fair credit cards.

But Capital One’s QuicksilverOne has its drawbacks. Someone credit cards’s providers offer in some cases a cashback percentage of up to 5% for certain categories of goods. In addition, a fairly high interest rate when comparу it with many credit cards types as well as an annual payment of $ 39 may not be attractive to everyone.

You have to spend a lot of money with QuicksilverOne to make its use profitable for you. If you are going to utilize it daily by making various aquisitions and payments, then it will suit you.

Capital One Spark Classic for business

Spark credit card is one of the few business options among credit cards for fair credit. Capital One invites you to take advantage of opportunities that will be very useful for companies and people who run their own business.

You will be able to issue additional free cards for your employees, as well as a higher credit limit and annual totals of expenses and income. Spark offers you such nice functions as cashback, but its percentage is small – 1%, but without separate categories. Also there is no annual fee that is an undeniable advantage.

Capital One Platinum

If you are a liable borrower, the Platinum card will be useful to you by offering quite high credit limits. Making  your monthly payments on time, in five months you can count on increasing the limit.

This is one of the fair credit cards, which do not charge for international paying. Such a fact makes it a handy way to pay for goods and services when you are abroad.

However, this card does not offer any rewards, although every will not need to do a yearly charging pay, which one would have to compensate. Also, borrower should remember about the timeliness of monthly payments, so as not to run into a high annual interest rate.


ABOC Platinum Rewards

Do you like fair credit cards at a rate of 0% per annum? In the first year of using ABOC Platinum Rewards you will receive it. After the first year, the interest rate will be from 14.15 to 24.15%, depending on the balance of your debt. Another pleasant moment for you will be the absence of an annual charge paying while utilizing a credit card.

The card has a reward system, but it is expressed in bonus points tied to dollars spent. One point equals one dollar. You will get 10,000 points if you make $ 1,000 purchases in the first 3 months. Bonus points can then be redeemed for various services, trips, gifts or to pay off debt.

Capital One Journey Student Rewards credit card

When students start their credit, it grows gradually, because the credit history is still very short. Also, students often make small mistakes that slightly lower their credit rating. Due to these circumstances, most students have fair credit.

Understanding this, Capital One specifically issued credit cards for fair credit Journey Student Rewards. This is one of many offers for students, but not so much of them are for fair credit. In a few months you will be able to increase your credit limit, subject to timely payment and maintaining a good balance.

Cashback 1% for all categories of purchases, supplemented by 25% of reward for timely payment of debt will make using the Journey Student Rewards card very convenient and enjoyable. You do not need to pay fees for foreign payments, which is especially important for those students who are going to study abroad.

DiscoverIt Chrome for students

This credit card offers rewards for students with a high score for tuition. Your average grade point must be above 3.0 so you can count on rewards. There is no annual fee for using DiscoverIt Chrome, and in the first six months you will not have to pay an interest rate, because at that time it is zero.

In conclusion about credit cards for fair credit

If you belong to those millions of people in the United States who have fair credit, then now you know about the best credit cards offered for you. Of course, their conditions are significantly different, but knowing your circumstances and the purpose of using, you will be able to choose the most suitable option.

Credit cards are useful for making daily purchases and paying online. They can help you repair or build your credit. If you need to solve a problem, then a higher interest rate on credit cards may be unprofitable.

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