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If The Apocalypse Hits How To Use Bitcoin If You Want To Survive

If The Apocalypse Hits How To Use Bitcoin If You Want To Survive


If the apocalypse comes, then you should know how to use bitcoin, so that you stay in the world, when everything else collapses and you have no one to turn to. Any reason can cause an apocalypse, it can be a natural and economic disaster, as well as a social one.

When the world changes beyond recognition, your friends may cease to be your friends and the cryptography will be where it was. Fiat currencies will collapse first when people who could control them will no longer have such an opportunity, but cryptographic currencies will remain in the same state when no one can control them more than before.

This is the end of the world as we know it

Bitcoin could not be controlled otherwise than before, without the ability to influence its release, the limitations of its issue, provided by mathematics, which does not tolerate flexibility and changes that are not possible without changing the algorithm. Algorithm change will not occur in spite of everything, no matter what political forces come to power. Algorithms of Bitcoin will not change, who would not come to power, who would not consider what and how deep changes will occur in the future.

Many believe that the existing society has come to an end, no matter how much and whatever options the money may be invented, money in any form will not survive for long, although these people are probably not familiar with cryptographic currencies and with the very principle of their actions.

Now, when many people know how to use Bitcoin, they understand that whatever cataclysms happen, such money as Bitcoin will not be affected by any cataclysms, everything that happens will not directly affect cryptocurrency fluctuations.


Transfer of cryptocurrency without the Internet

Even with the onset of the apocalypse, some kind of Internet will be present, which means that the cryptocurrency will be available. It can be sent and received, and it means to pay and accept payment. Whatever state the Internet is in, Bitcoin will still survive, because its structure presupposes its existence in any conditions.

Even the worst scenario will not kill a cryptocurrency that does not rely on any one server. A lot of network participants, who are essentially equal participants in the system, will not allow cryptocurrency to disappear, unlike the banking system, which is based on a single central service that could suffer if you strike a single center.

In addition, Bitcoin can be transmitted not only via the Internet. This can be done with the help of any radio device, however, no one knows for sure what will happen to society then, so we cannot rely for sure on how it will happen.

Perhaps, when you want to transfer cryptocurrency over long distances to your family or relative, it may be difficult due to the general post-apocalyptic situation and struggle, but it probable that this will be possible, but some other means, such as Context, which may allow you to transmit information.

Spend Bitcoin in person when the Apocalypse comes

When sending Bitcoin over long distances in the event of the end of the world, it will be easier to spend them personally, without connecting to the Internet. Physical crime in such an environment will be much easier and much more common than digital.

How to Use Bitcoin in the world after the apocalypse, it may not be as difficult as it might seem at first. If it comes to tribalism, then you most likely want to deal primarily with your appearance, since you will not have at least confidence in other species. In the future, you will still consider the situation from the point of view of its further development.

When you consider everyone except your close friends as enemies, everyone else will seem to you to be zombies, who by default will be dangerous for you and you certainly don’t want to do anything with them, especially financial ones. Self-provisioning is your only way, which you will see as the only acceptable one, that is, a hardware wallet, this will be the only acceptable option when it comes to how to use Bitcoin after the apocalypse.

Prepare for the worst as usual, hope for the best

The global apocalypse is not as close and real as some people want it to show and frighten most of the population, however, no one is immune from anything. Anything is possible when hedge fund managers think about another market explosion to make more money on it, but this is not an apocalypse, but only a local change, but you have to be ready for everything, so just think about how you will act in the event of global incidents.

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