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Amazon’s Competitor Rakuten Plans To Implement  BTC This March

Amazon’s Competitor Rakuten Plans To Implement BTC This March


Amazon’s Competitor Rakuten, the biggest Japanese e-commerce web platform, shared their plans to integrate the world’s main cryptocurrency into their online platform. In the web-based industry, there isn’t much rival with the leading worldwide platforms like Amazon. Yet this could change with these news from Rakuten.

In this month’s report they announced a few planned steps for the company to develop. A standout amongst the most intriguing pieces of the report was the notice of Bitcoin and their future arrangements to incorporate cryptocurrency features on the platform. Such announcement is a good way to begin the year in terms of adoption.  Once the plans proceed, the Bitcoin trading price might see a great boost far from the slump we see nowadays.

The announced feature will be released along with the new mobile application that the Japanese platform is pushing on the eighteenth of March. The update can coincide with the other features tending to improve the buyers online-shopping experience. Rakuten is already known as a huge shopping web-platform distributing worldwide. The website has been extending to cover other markets as well lets its customers know if the item may be delivered where needed.


The giant platforms like Amazon and eBay have not still respond to the Rakuten’s announcement, however this move of theirs is obviously going to stir up some competition within the e-commerce field. There were many rumours floating so far on whether Bitcoin would be integrated to Amazon or not. Though these are only rumours and giant on the e-commerce space has not made any sort of comment on this matter.

In any case, if they implement crypto on their online marketplace, then all the audience of newbies would be there in a while. Bitcoin customers could begin flooding in but this would be a rivalry to the fiat payment systems as VISA, Mastercard and PayPal.

Moreover, besides the implementing of Bitcoin, Amazon’s competitor Rakuten plans to create its own cryptocurrency exchange referred to as Everybody’s Bitcoin. The recent report shows that the intrigue the firm has in crypto will keep on developing. The plans of this kind have been in development for a while and are on track to be joined with the other ones announced in the report.

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