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Make Sure Crypto Trading Technology Will never Take Over Your Life

Make Sure Crypto Trading Technology Will never Take Over Your Life


We all know that crypto trading technology is not just another state-of-the art technology – it’s an entire lifestyle. So many people wonder if it’s possible to stop being a crypto trader and become a regular guy just as before. Yes, it’s possible – for better or for worse. Stung by massive losses and the realization that cryptocurrency is taking over their lifes, some traders forced themselves to walk away for good.

Some have to quit after 5 or more years in the industry. After a terrible financial loss, they finally decide to get a job, hang out with friends and just be a normal member of society.

For some, being in the crypto “subculture” is like being a member of Mafia or supporting a particular football team – you can’t just step out and leave it all behind. But life isn’t always understandable and caring. Some people are even cursed by their own greed or poor decision-making. Cryptocurrency can become a millstone around their neck, a dead weight more burdensome than the heaviest of altbags.


But there are loads of those who came for the profits, got burnt, and then scampered back whence they came from. Only a few managed to survive and get some financial freedom.

Although women take more risk averse than men, the crypto industry is more male-dominated. The great amount of hard-to-believe anonymous stories makes people get together and start believing in the collective sources of information like Telegram or message boards. Some have terrible losses – up to 76% and more. Most of such losers are fans of different online games, so there’s no wonder that people confuse real world with imaginary one.

Some are clearly sick and literally have to face this addiction.

Why does all this happen? A human being is a very tough and stubborn creature, tending to accomplish his mission 100% or not to do anything. That’s why women juggling, dieting and go to gym, and men are ready to live in their office. Cryptocurrency, like all best things in life, is best enjoyed in moderation, but that’s easier said than done.

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