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4000 Machines Worldwide – Cryptocurrency ATMs Growth

4000 Machines Worldwide – Cryptocurrency ATMs Growth


The number of cryptocurrency ATMs growth in the world exponentially and has already reached 4000

You can purchase cryptocurrency in various ways around the world, including with the help of an actively developing ATM network. In addition to the very first and most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, now there are also 1,200 ATMs in the world through which you can buy Bitcoin –°ash.

According to Coinatmradar.com, as of the middle of November 2018, there were only 3993 ATMs worldwide, through which different cryptocurrencies are sold. Almost 7 cryptocurrency ATMs appear in various places per day. In addition to ATMs directly in the world, there are more than 140 thousand different payment terminals and other electronic points of sale, through which you can buy cryptocurrency.


You can make only a purchase of cryptocurrency in 61.7% of ATM machines, and 38.2% of all ATMs work in both directions, that is, through them you can both buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Geographic statistics is as follows: 71% of the world’s cryptocurrency ATMs growth is located in North America, 23.5% of those are located in Europe, 2.5% in Asia, and the remaining 3% are scattered throughout the rest of the world. Research company Marketsandmarkets conducted a study that shows that the number of such ATMs will grow by 54% per year.

Production and installation of Cryptocurrency ATMs is spreading at a high rate, which continues to increase. Many manufacturing companies expand the possibilities of acquiring different types of cryptocurrency and expand their range. For example, one of the manufacturers of ATMs – Lamassu company has released a series in which BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH and ZEC are available.

Among the manufacturers of cryptocurrency ATMs today, the forces were distributed as follows: the largest number of such ATMs (32%) in the world is produced by Genesis Coin; the next in terms of volume production of ATMs for operations with digital assets is General Bytes, which produces about 29% of all global cryptocurrency ATMs; then the third place is taken by Lamassu, with almost 11% of the global cryptocurrency ATM production, among all manufacturers; then Bitaccess, Coinsource (4.8%) goes with 5.4%; Covault (2.7%). All other manufacturers occupy the remaining slightly less than 5% of world production.

So you can see that the network of cryptocurrency ATMs is actively developing and in a few years such devices can be found anywhere in the world.


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