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Want To Get Car Loan With 0% Interest Rate? We’ll Tell You How

Want To Get Car Loan With 0% Interest Rate? We’ll Tell You How


For many people, a personal car is something about everyday life and it’s hart to imagine their way to work and back home in the public bus. This is almost the only way to move quickly over long distances, especially if you have some belongings with you. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to purchase a new car, especially if you do not have a high credit rating. The interest rates on auto loans that lenders offer, most often depend on the condition of your credit. But what if you get car loan with a 0% interest rate for the credit that you have now?

Many automakers, trying to attract new customers, declare that they are ready to offer a new car at 0% APR on credit. Is it possible in principle? If this is relevant to you, read on to understand this and all the intricacies of the car loan with 0% interest rate sentence. We will analyze what you need to know about this, consider the basics of auto loans.

This is actually possible, but how and why? Can everybody take advantage of this opportunity and how to do it? What pitfalls can you expect? Here we consider in detail the advantages and disadvantages of financing at 0%, as well as deal with the numbers that can affect the cost of the loan for each of you and how to use them to get a really good offer.

Why car loan with 0% interest rate is possible?

Automakers are in a very competitive environment and are therefore very interested in selling their cars. The high competition of automakers from all over the world for the US car market, which is the largest in the world, makes them fight for survival in many ways.

To get a car loan with 0% interest rate is not an offer from a bank whose business is to make money at the interest rate payments. It is an initiative of the automakers themselves who are willing to finance the purchase of their cars. That is the secret of the zero interest rate when buying a car.

The business of the automaker is in the production and sale of cars, and not in earnings at an interest rate. No lender will be interested in issuing auto loans with a 0% interest rate, because at the same time they incur associated costs that someone must compensate. A car manufacturer earns money on cars even under such conditions, so he is ready to make such offers to his customers.

In the meantime, the automaker is increasing its car sales and growing production. Skillful use of marketing allows, thanks to auto loans with a 0% interest rate, on certain models to sell them faster and more, especially those that are less popular than others, and also on last year’s and other outdated models. This approach allows you to free up space in warehouses and car dealerships for new models and those that are more profitable to sell to the automaker.

Also, signs and advertising promissing you to get car loan with 0% interest rate attracts more potential customers to the car dealership, which in general is a powerful prerequisite for increasing sales.

At the same time, it should be understood that this auto loan with a 0% interest rate may not be available for everyone. There are a number of conditions under which it is possible to get such a loan to buy a car. Usually such offers are available for those who have at least good credit with a high credit score.

Where to find offers 0% per annum on car loans

If you are seriously interested in buying a car, then you will most likely find a lot of offers if you visit various car dealerships. Also, this information can be found on the Internet on the websites of various car dealers and car manufacturers themselves.

When you want a well-defined car model, the search circle is narrowed, but car loan with 0% interest rate offers for this particular model may not be right now. It is probably worth waiting for some time and sooner or later it will appear anyway, although this is not guaranteed.  Go directly to the automaker’s website that interests you and look for information there, or ask the company employees about it.


Can I apply and get car loan with 0% interest rate?

In most cases, you can only apply for a zero loan if you have a high credit rating and a long enough successful credit history. If you are planning to buy a car not right now, but in the near future, then you still have time to build your credit.

Pay off as much debt as possible, make your loan payments always on time and in full, reduce the balance on your credit card as much as possible, and also reduce the percentage of use of the credit limit. Thus, over several months, you will be able to significantly increase your credit score and will have a much greater chance of being approved by the manufacturer for an auto loan with a 0% interest rate.

Of course, every automaker, as well as every lender, will have its own requirements for borrowers and standards for the likelihood of loan approval, but the higher your credit score, the more likely it will be to get car loan with 0% interest rate. Some automakers have very high standards so that you can qualify for such a loan.

What you need to consider before you try to get car loan with 0% interest rate

Unfortunately, a 0% interest rate may not necessarily be as profitable as possible for you. For a particular decision, it is necessary to consider the specific circumstances of a particular person, but in some cases buying a car even at 0% interest rate may not be the right solution for some people right now.

In addition, the interest rate is not the only factor that will affect your benefits when buying a car. For example, you may be faced with the choice to receive auto loans with a 0% interest rate or a discount from the automaker, which in the end may turn out to be more profitable for you than the zero interest rate. To determine which choice will be more appropriate for you, you will need to count, considering all factors.

The price of the car, the discount offered, the term of the loan, the monthly payment and the interest rate – all of those factors will affect whether an auto loan with a 0% interest rate is an interesting offer for you or it may be better to use the discount. Depending on the amount of discount that the automaker is ready to provide, the term of the loan and the common interest rate, you either save or spend more on a car loan with 0% interest rate.

Credit term

Despite the fact that car loan with 0% interest rate sign always looks very attractive, it does not guarantee you that this is the best offer you could choose. It may simply not meet your needs due to, for example, that this loan will oblige you to pay higher monthly payments. Many car loan with 0% interest rate offers propose only a certain limited loan repayment period, which automatically increases the amount of your monthly payment.

Yes, you will save on the interest rate simultaneously, which is zero and quickly get rid of debt of the loan, but the monthly payment may be too large for your monthly budget and you can get into an unpleasant financial situation in this way. You will need to not only pay the loan, but also buy annual insurance, periodically go through maintenance and daily refill your car.

It is also possible to reverse the situation when you get an auto loan with a 0% interest rate for 6 years and while you pay it your car becomes 3 times cheaper than its original cost. Different cars lose their value in different ways, but in any case, you should take into account that when you purchase a new car, as soon as you leave the car dealership, depending on the brand and model, the car immediately loses in price by an average of 10-15%. After 6 years, some models become cheaper by 2-3 times, but you will pay the full initial cost.

Sometimes the best option is to purchase a used car in order to lose less on its value. Although its resource is already smaller than that of a new car from a car dealership, but most of its value has already been paid by someone else before you.

Of course, you should not forget that usually interest rates on loans for used cars are higher, but again, depending on the brand and model of the car, the savings on the instantaneous depreciation of a new car can significantly outweigh the interest rate that you have to pay when you buy in car loan.

Where to start to get car loan with 0% interest rate

As you already could understand, car loan with 0% interest rate is not always the most profitable option for buying a car, so don’t be hypnotized by the inscription “loan with 0% APR”. First of all, agree with the seller about the price for which he is ready to sell you a car. You can bargain and get some discount, sometimes quite good, especially if you know how to do it.

Only after you agree on the price with the seller, you should proceed to discuss the conditions of sale and payment. Even if the seller is ready to offer you car loan with 0% interest rate, do not rush to agree to these conditions.  Compare this payment method with other options, perhaps one of them will end up being more profitable for you.

Alternative payment options for buying a new car

The classic option, which usually costs you the least, is cash. Of course, it may not be so easy for most Americans to collect enough for a new car, but it is possible and this method is the most economical for you. No interest rates, no several years in debt and other additional conditions due to cash payment.

Even if you manage to save on a significant part of the car and make a large down payment, it will already be very favorable for your personal finances.

Another of the most common payment options for buying a car is getting a loan through a bank or credit union, with which you already cooperate. It may sound surprisingly, but sometimes a bank car loan or a credit union loan can be much more profitable for you than an auto loan with a 0% interest rate that a car dealer will offer you. This is possible due to the likelihood of more flexible terms and conditions of loan repayment.


To get a car loan with 0% interest rate looks like a very attractive offer, until you get into the details. Now you know that 0% interest rate may not always be the most profitable offer and you know what to look for when considering whether to buy a car under such conditions.

If you still find a suitable car loan with 0% interest rate, then find out if it is available to you now. Check your credit report and your credit score and you will understand whether it is worth chasing such an offer.

If your credit rating allows you to apply for zero credit, do not grab the first available offer, you may find more profitable options for you.

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