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How To Lower Credit Card Interest Rate: Know Your Possibilities

How To Lower Credit Card Interest Rate: Know Your Possibilities


The largest debts in America are credit cards.  Total credit card debt exceeds a trillion dollars a year.  This happens for several reasons, but one of the main ones is the high level of interest rates. In this regard, it is not surprising that many are wondering how to lower credit card interest rate to reduce the debt burden on your budget.

The truth is that almost every credit card holder has the opportunity to reduce the annual interest rate, you only need to make some effort to this.

If you do this, you can actually save hundreds of dollars annually without overpaying creditors at an interest rate. We are sure that you know where to apply the money that will be freed up thanks to the lower credit card interest rate.

Next, we consider the possibilities that almost every American has.

First of all, take care of your credit

The condition of your loan indicates to your lenders your reliability or insecurity. Usually they primarily consider your credit rating and credit history when you apply for a loan or a credit card.

Depending on the condition of your credit, they often determine the annual interest rate for you. Therefore it is worth taking care of this in advance, if there is such an opportunity.

The higher your credit score, the lower the credit card interest rate lenders will offer you in most cases. Of course, this is not the only indicator that they are targeting, but they are looking first and foremost for your credit.

Do not allow late payments, which always negatively affect your credit rating. Also, do not raise the balance of your credit card, thereby increasing the level of use of the credit limit. The credit limit opened for you is recommended to use no more than 30%.  Anything above this mark will lower your credit score.

Ideally, to maximize the lower credit card interest rate, you need to have an excellent credit, but unfortunately not many can boast of such a level of credit. However, it is worth striving for this in order to receive the best offers from lenders. This will be your powerful trump card and argument in front of creditors.

Control the status of your credit use the opportunity to get your credit report annually for free in the US credit bureaus. In addition, these reports may contain any errors or inaccuracies that you can dispute.


Do not be afraid to change the lender

High competition forces credit companies to appreciate each client, despite the different nuances of cooperation with them.

This is a plus for you in negotiating a lower credit card interest rate. But you don’t have to bluff when you talk to a lender about your care for another company. You must be ready to really leave by refusing their services.

This is especially true when some of the conditions specified in the footnote under the asterisk and written in small print in the contract make you pay more and more.

If the issuer of the credit card does not want to meet you first in the first lower credit card interest rate, then tell him goodbye. Believe us, each new customer will cost the company significantly more money and effort than retaining the old one.

Use the ability to transfer balance to another credit card

Balance transfer from one credit card to another is one of the excellent and affordable opportunities for the majority for lower credit card interest rate.

Firstly, due to the high competition in the credit market, many lenders are ready to offer very attractive conditions for new clients. Very often, this is a zero interest rate over several months, sometimes even 1–1.5 years, which gives a wonderful opportunity to pay the debt during this time.

If your debt is large enough or you have several credit cards with a high balance, then transferring the balance to one credit card is your chance to get rid of these debts. It is worth using this opportunity.

Always look for new opportunities to reduce interest rates

Remember that regular timely payments increase your credit score, so you can count on the best conditions. Also, a decrease in total debt and a reducing of a balance have an equally positive effect on the condition of your credit.

Do not be afraid to talk with your lender about the lower credit card interest rate if you make regular payments and noticeably reduced your debt. If you have done so, then you have weighty arguments in order to qualify for a lower credit card interest rate.

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