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Why Do You Pay For Car Insurance? Some Helpful Answers

Why Do You Pay For Car Insurance? Some Helpful Answers


Why do you pay a lot for car insurance? There are many factors affecting the cost of car insurance. Many pay more than $ 150 or even $ 200 a month, while the average cost of car insurance in the country is about $ 100.

Why it happens? To answer this question you need to consider all the factors that affect the cost of car insurance for you. You can also learn how to reduce this cost. If this is interesting to you, read on.

Driver’s age

The highest cost of car insurance is for drivers up to 25 years. This is due to the fact that drivers of this age do not have enough experience and often get into a car accident.

If you are a novice driver and you are 16 years old, then get ready for the fact that the insurance rate for you will be as high as possible. In this case, you will only have to wait until you are 25 years old, while trying to be the most careful driver and not get into traffic accidents.

Your place of residence

Different states have different laws and statistics of traffic accidents. Also, insurance companies take into account other conditions of your place of residence. The crime rate and the location of the area to natural disasters are one of many such factors.

In addition, depending on whether you live in a big city or in rural areas your insurance will cost more or less. In a big city there is a greater chance of being involved in a traffic accident, so the cost of insurance for residents of large cities will be higher than for residents of a village or small towns.

Your driving history

If you often get into traffic accidents or you have a lot of fines from the police for speeding, drunk driving or driving at a red light, then you are considered a risky driver. Risky drivers have a greater likelihood of insurance claims, so the insurance rate for them will always be higher.

If your driving history has many such incidents, then you can improve it over time if you try to drive more carefully in the future.

What is your car

The cost of your car directly affects the insurance rate for you. A more expensive car is more expensive to maintain and to repair, so in case of an accident the insurance company will have to pay more.

At the same time, modern security systems reduce the risk of injury and other accident consequences, so for cars equipped with such systems the rate will be lower. Here it is necessary to find a balance between the cost of the car and age in order to obtain the optimal insurance rate.

Your previous insurance claims

Insurance companies consider your previous insurance claims as one of the risk factors for them. Then, regardless of the presence of accidents due to your fault, any insurance claims from your side will most likely increase the cost of car insurance for you.

How to reduce the cost of car insurance?

Not all of the factors listed here can be controlled in the short term. Some of them can be changed only for a few years of careful driving, but there is something you can change when buying a car insurance to reduce its cost for yourself.

Find out about the discounts available to you

Often, many insurance companies offer different options for obtaining discounts under certain conditions or for certain categories of people.

For example, there are package offers when you buy insurance for various types of your property. Add car insurance to another type of insurance and get your discount.


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Damage coverage

A higher level of coverage in the event of an insured event entails a greater cost of insurance. However, too low level of insurance coverage can lead you to major expenses after an accident. In this matter it is important to determine for yourself the golden mean.

Your deductible

The deductible in insurance determines what part of the damage in case of an insured event you will pay out of your pocket. Accordingly, a high deductible will cost you less monthly, but in case of an accident you may have more personal expenses. If you are a neat driver, then you can choose a higher level of franchise to pay less monthly.

Now you understand what factors affect the cost of car insurance for you. The high cost of it now will not surprise you and you will be able to influence the price of an insurance policy for a car, armed with knowledge from this area.

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