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What Is The Car Insurance Average Cost. What Can Affect Price

What Is The Car Insurance Average Cost. What Can Affect Price


Different insurance companies determine the cost of car insurance in different ways. It depends on many factors related to your circumstances and history, both credit and driver. But in any case, whatever your circumstances, you would not want to pay more for your car insurance than is possible. To find out what and how affects the price of car insurance for you, let’s consider the parameters that insurance companies take into account when determining the cost.

Your demography

First of all, insurance companies look at which group of the population you belong to. Your gender and age can often affect your risk group as a driver. For example, young age insurers are often considered as more risky. The highest rates are provided for novice drivers aged 16 years. If you are under 25 and you are a single, then you are more likely to be more at risk than older family people.

Insurance rates from the highest in 16 years to the lowest in 55 years tend to decrease with age, if other things being equal. Of course, this will be the case if you do not make an accident, do not fall into the DUI list and do not get drunk while driving.

Your driving history

The history of your behavior as a driver obviously affects the price of insurance for you. This is directly related to safety and the likelihood of you getting into a traffic accident. Fines for speeding or driving on a red traffic light may significantly affect the cost of your car insurance. Also strongly influenced driving while intoxicated. If the number of such fines is large enough, then be prepared to pay much more for insurance. Getting on the DUI list can increase the insurance rate for you as much as two times.

What is your car?

The cost of insurance depends on the cost of the quality of your car. Expensive cars are more expensive to repair and maintain, so their insurance will cost more. If you have a sports car, then there is a high probability that you will drive it fast and there is a greater chance of getting into a more serious accident. Statistics also say that red sports cars are more likely to be involved in traffic accidents, so even color can affect the cost of insurance.

Inexpensive car with a high safety rating will cost you the cheapest in insurance. So this is exactly the case when you can influence the price of insurance for you with your choice.

Your place of residence

Each state of the United States has its own characteristics in legislation, climate, exposure to natural disasters, and car accident statistics. Therefore, insurance companies take into account all these indicators when determining the insurance rate for you. Similarly, the specific place of residence in a densely populated city or in a sparsely populated countryside is important. In densely populated cities, there is a greater likelihood of being involved in a road accident than in rural areas or in small towns.

Credit rating

Your credit rating also has a significant impact on the value of your car insurance rate. Although it would seem that a credit rating should not be directly related to your insurance, but insurance companies consider it as a risk factor in a certain correlation, which is manifested in the overall risk statistics for them. To reduce the impact of this factor on the cost of your insurance, you have the opportunity to improve your credit rating. You should fix the balance on your credit cards, start paying your liabilities on time or optimize your credit costs.


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Insurance coverage

Often we want to save on insurance by choosing such conditions to cover the damage in order to pay the lowest possible insurance premium. But remember it is worth considering that in the event of an insured event, your costs for covering the damage will increase significantly. This concerns not only liability to third parties, but also material damage. By paying for insurance 200-300 dollars a year more, you can save yourself from the cost of repairing your or someone else’s car in a few thousand dollars.

Keep your finances in order

It is impossible to answer the question about the average cost of car insurance in a word, because it is influenced by a large number of factors that are individual for each. All that can be said for sure is that if you keep your financial affairs in order you can get the lowest insurance rates when all other things being equal.

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