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Venezuela Starts Selling Petro. Official Public Sales Launch

Venezuela Starts Selling Petro. Official Public Sales Launch


Venezuela Starts Selling Petro

Petro, the state national cryptocurrency of Venezuela, which at the moment is already provided with oil, diamonds, gold and iron from October 29, 2018 began to be sold publicly on the stock exchange. Now anyone can officially purchase it at the head office of the Superintendency of Cryptoassets for several types of conventional fiat currency.

Petro is currently available for US dollars, euros and Chinese Yuan, and the delegates from China did not fail to take advantage of it. Also, Petro can be purchased for several other most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Etherem and NEM.


The Chinese delegates bought the Petro cryptocurrency for the yuan

The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has developed and is implementing a system for the economic rehabilitation of Venezuela, which has suffered greatly from economic shocks. Under these programs, the government actively strengthens ties with China. So, the delegation from the Research Center for Development of China was invited to the initial public sale of cryptocurrency Petro. Some of the representatives of the Chinese delegation acquired the Venezuelan cryptocurrency as a sign of confidence in it and in the government of Venezuela.

To purchase Petro for cash, buyers can contact the headquarters of Sunacrip, which is directly involved in the regulation of cryptocurrency turnover in Venezuela. You can also buy cryptocurrency on its official website, using non-cash and electronic types of money. One of the first buyers of Petro were ministers and officials of the Venezuelan government. In exchange for money, customers are issued a certificate for Petro cryptocurrency, which further can be exchanged for other assets.

Petro Wallet app suspended on Google Play

Referring to the verification of the cryptographic functions of the Petro Wallet, Google stopped the application in its Google Play app store. Install the application from Google Play now is not yet possible. On the official website of Petro the wallet programs for Windows and Linux also do not work; more precisely, links to the program are missing pages. So for now, to fully appreciate all the benefits of Venezuela starts selling Petro does not represent an opportunity. Let’s wait for the 5th of November when the launch of additional products is announced.

More opportunities of buying and selling Petro supposedly appear November 5, 2018

Vice president of the economy of Venezuela Tareck El Aissami said that initially the launch of public sales was scheduled for November 5, therefore, some cryptocurrency functions are not available at the moment. The launch started a week earlier, thanks to the support of the President of the country. From November 5th, two more Petro options will be available, created for payment and savings.

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