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The Best Chase Credit Card Options From One Of The Best Issuers

The Best Chase Credit Card Options From One Of The Best Issuers


The most popular banking product in the United States today is credit cards. Who have never heard of credit card issuers such as Bank of America, Citi, Chase credit card, or Capital One? All of them are reliable companies and their credit cards have their advantages.

Surely, even if you never used any of Chase credit card, then some of your friends or family members have already done so. Whatever way they use one of Chase’s financial products, they are customers of one of the best banks in the world.

Identifying your credit needs

To determine which of the many Chase credit cards will suit you more than others, you need to determine which of your credit needs you would like to satisfy first.

You may have had problems with your credit rating for some reason, so you will need one of the credit card options, which does not require a strict credit check.

You need nothing more than a soft check of your credit so as not to lower your credit rating even more, and also to increase your chances of approving a loan for you. In addition, such a credit card will help you rebuild your credit.

Perhaps you are a college student and you need financial support to ensure your life, while your studies last and, besides, you would like to start your credit history.

Also, you can be the owner of a business, who in addition to running its company, travels quite often. In this situation, you will be interested in one of the business cards offered by Chase Bank, in order to save money on air tickets, airport lounges and on hotel reservations.

You can also be a regular user who makes purchases at the store every day, goes to the cinema or dines at restaurants. In this case, you can count on cashback bonuses or other rewards for use. In general, for any lifestyle you will find something that will benefit you in using Chase credit cards.

Understanding Credit Systems

To understand exactly which Chase credit card options are right for you, you need to understand the options that will be beneficial and useful to you. Understand, to begin with, which of them how to work, and then you can choose the best for yourself.

Credit rating varies in different ranges. A credit  score from 300 to 629 is considered bad credit. From 630 to 730 can be called an average credit, and what is above, will already be considered a good or even a great credit.

A bad credit or a maximum average will not allow you to count on special preferences from lenders. You will be able to rely on loans with bad credit, which will offer you a high interest rate or on secured loans, under which you will have to provide some of your valuable property, in the form of a house or car, depending on the amount you require.

You should also understand that your bad credit is likely to cause a tough credit check, which thus only decreases. This will temporarily drop some points, so make sure you know which accounts you want to ask for approval, so as not to lower the points. Now you can find out which Chase credit card is suitable for your particular situation.


Best Chase Credit Card Options for New Customers

When you first request a credit card, you should remember that your credit is low due to an absent credit history. Chase has a selection of great cards for a small credit history. Cards like the Chase Freedom would be a great start. This is a credit card that leaves room for those without a credit history and allows for approval.

One of the most used credit cards among beginners. A relatively easy approval process uses this card to give them everything they need and you will begin your credit history successfully, subject to meeting all the minimum requirements for new borrowers.

First, this credit card does not have an annual fee, unlike many credit cards that require it for your account to be open. With the Chase Freedom card, you don’t need to worry about this charge, just use the card and get all the benefits while building your credit.

In addition to all these advantages, Chase Freedom has another cool feature. Each quarter, the bonus categories for which you will receive rewards will vary. You get a bonus in the form of points in 5% of the amount of your purchase, and every quarter these categories will change.

15 months without interest rate

For all new customers who register a credit card, Chase provides an opportunity not to pay an interest rate for the first 15 months from the date of registration. You get a huge advantage when making large purchases, so do not miss it.

Bonus points on all purchases

You will receive bonus points by making any purchases, except purchases from the allocated bonus quarterly category. For purchases from any other category you will receive a bonus in the form of 1% of the amount of your purchase. It turns out that with the Chase Freedom card you win anyway, for whatever you use it.

In addition to all of the above, which is already would be enough, especially for new credit card users, Chase Freedom offers many different promotions that periodically conduct various company partners.

Best Chase Business Credit Cards

Chase is ready to offer you one of its excellent credit cards for your business purposes. The company has released several options, each with its own characteristics, so that you can meet your specific business needs.

Chase Ink Business Cash

Best Chase Credit Card options are always available for you, like Chase Ink Business Cash is a new card that works with some extra benefits. It provides a low interest rate, which is on average 5% less than other business cards. It suggests that you use an interest rate of 20.49%, which is lower than other Chase business cards.

Thanks to Chase Ink Business Cash, you can not only enjoy a lower interest rate, but also be able to receive rewards for daily business expenses, such as refueling your car or business lunches in restaurants.

In the first year you will not pay for the use of this credit card, and after spending three thousand dollars during the first three months, you will receive a bonus of $ 500, which increases your profit.

Chase Ink Business Preferred

The first business purchases in the first year will provide you with 80 thousand bonus points when you spend 5 thousand dollars for three months after registering the card. This is just a great option for those who are going to spend this money in the beginning.

When your business works and develops, it already spends a lot of money every month. Therefore, such an offer from Chase Ink Business Preferred, gives you the opportunity to receive $ 800 just for what you usually spend, actually as a gift.

In addition, you will receive an interest rate of 22.24% per annum and travel expenses, as well as no fees for international transactions. Also, for some types of spending you will receive 3 times more points. This kind of rewards will serve as a good help to young business.

Chase Marriott Business, United or Southwest

In addition to general business credit cards, Chase offers several credit cards that are actually the loyalty cards of certain hotels and airlines. This can be very relevant to you if your business is connected with constant traveling and flights.

For example, the Chase Marriot Rewards Premier credit card will be a very convenient companion for you when you often have to stay at the Marriott hotels during your business trips. Provided that you spend $ 3,000 in the first three months from the date of the card registration, you will receive many different discounts from the hotel chain, as well as 75,000 points in reward.

The same applies to the airlines United and Southwest. Having spent the same amount for the first three months of using a credit card, you will have the opportunity to purchase air tickets of these airlines at a discount, as well as 60,000 additional points as a reward. You can then use the bonus points in different ways, and the discounts provided will help make your growing business more efficient.

Best Chase Credit Card Options for Rewards

Chase Bank has some great credit card offers to help you earn a lot of unique rewards. Depending on your needs and your lifestyle, you can choose the most suitable one.

Travel Miles

There are credit cards from Chase that come in very handy for those who travel a lot. You will accumulate miles, as well as receive double the bonus points for using the card as a means of payment when traveling. For example, Chase Sapphire Preferred is one of the best of these options, providing many benefits for travelers.

One striking example of such advantages provided by Chase Sapphire Preferred is the provision of a $ 500 voucher in case of a flight delay of more than 12 hours. You can use this voucher to check into a hotel and eat at a restaurant.

Also, travelers often use car rental and insurance, and Chase Sapphire Preferred will cover these costs up to $ 10,000. This is probably one of the best deals for those who travel a lot.


Chase is always in the trend of consumer preferences, so the fact that many of them use credit cards in order to get some of the money spent back in the form of a cashback. The bank has issued several credit cards for this, which can satisfy these needs.

For example, a Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card is one of such option. This credit card, provides its users with an initial bonus of 15,000 points, does not charge you an annual interest rate for the first 15 months, and also has no annual fee. This provides its users with excellent opportunities to get back a portion of their money spent, and there is no need to pay interest rates for more than a year.

Chase Freedom Unlimited gives you 1.5% of each purchase, regardless of the category of your spending. This distinguishes it from the more simplified version of Chase Freedom, which has quarterly restrictions on the return of cash from your expenses, but within $ 1,500 per quarter.

Discount credit cards

If you prefer credit cards that will give you more discounts on certain types of products, then Chase Sapphire Preferred might suit you. This card provides discounts for a sufficiently wide range of services and purchases.

With it, you can save on hotels, car rental, insurance, air tickets and much, much more. It has a lot of advantages, which need to be listed in a separate article. However, Chase Sapphire Preferred has an annual maintenance fee of $ 95, which in general is many times overlaid by all of its benefits, which it will give you and you will benefit in any case.

Best Chase Credit Cards

Chase can offer a credit card for those who need to get the most from a single credit card. Although Chase Sapphire Reserve charges an annual fee of $ 450, you get so many benefits that this amount seems quite small.

With Chase Sapphire Reserve, you get an annual travel credit of $ 300, three times the return points for all your travel purchases, food in restaurants, and the total absence of fees for international transactions.

And all this in addition, you get a lot of different discounts, Priority Pass, which provides the opportunity to relax in the lounges of more than a thousand airports around the world with free food and drinks, as well as Pre TSA and Global Entry. You will also get access to using the best car rentals worldwide with insurance included.

Insurance up to 100 thousand dollars in case of emergency exit, the possibility of upgrading hotel rooms, free breakfast, late or early check-in and check-out and the best room rate. 50,000 bonus points on travel and refunds for purchases up to 90 days, which is not available to any other credit card holders, no matter who you are or what you do.

There is a credit card for everyone

These are the best Chase Credit Card options Chase will be able to offer a credit card for any consumer. Whether you are a businessman or just love to travel, Chase has a credit card that matches your needs.

You can choose for yourself the best option of credit cards, as well as learn a lot of useful information regarding credit and personal finance, if you look in to read our financial blog.

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