Can Installment Loans Harm Your Credit Rating? Find Out What To Do

Can Installment Loans Harm Your Credit Rating? Find Out What To Do


Various unforeseen circumstances may periodically occur with each person. In such situations, most people often need financial support, one of the best options for which is personal loans. At the same time, the question arises as to whether can installment loans harm your credit is rated. Regardless of what specific emergency needs you need financial assistance, you do not want any loan to hurt your future financial opportunities. What to do when you need fast cash support?

Personal loans, which are one of the types of installment loans, can help you in almost any such situation, because their term and amount can vary in a wide range of values. This enables everyone to cope with their problems based on their capabilities and needs.

At the same time, like any other type of loan, this one can have a negative impact on the credit rating of the borrower if it is used incorrectly.
Can installment loans harm your credit? It is quite possible, but then you can find out what needs to be done to avoid this and get benefits from a personal loan.


Here are six critical steps to help you eliminate the harm to your credit:

  • Think carefully and determine the amount of money that you need to solve your problem.
  • Be aware of the state of your credit.
  • The repayment schedule should be available for your income.
  • In order not to happen, try to exclude missed payments
  • Choose the best offer for you from a suitable reliable lender
  • Make an effort to repay the loan as quickly as possible.

Now consider each step in more detail to get a clear idea of ​​each, and then the question of can installment loans harm your credit will cease to be before you.

1. Think carefully and determine the amount of money that you need to solve your problem

An installment loan may be needed for any need. Some lenders are willing to offer borrowers large enough amounts depending on the state of their credit rating and credit history. However, this does not mean at all that you need to take the upper possible amount available to you, which the creditor will approve. If the lender is willing to lend you $ 10,000, but $ 3000 is enough to solve your problem, then you should not take 10,000.

Of course, there are many different expenses where you can spend money, but focus only on the urgent problem that made you apply for a loan at the moment. It may be worth borrow a little more so that the unaccounted nuances do not prevent you from solving the difficulty, especially if you do not have other money at the moment, but only a little more. For example, if a roof leaked in your house and specialists determined that materials and repair work would cost $ 2,800, then the cost of delivery of materials may not have been taken into account and you would have to pay extra for it. In this case, it is better to take $ 3,000 if you do not have additional free funds. But nothing more, otherwise you will have to pay significantly more for a loan.

2. Be aware of the state of your loan

Your credit rating will be the first factor that creditor will consider when you apply for a loan, as well as the main factor determining the loan conditions for you. Then, in the process of repaying the loan, monitor how your credit score changes. If you do everything on time and in full, then your credit score should gradually increase.

3. The repayment schedule should be available for your income

The installment repayment schedule will depend on the amount of the loan and its term, and at the same time it will affect the amount of payment that you will have to allocate from your monthly budget. So that you do not have to then constantly ask yourself the question about can installment loans harm your credit, it should not be too large an amount that makes you feel uncomfortable that you deny for yourself a lot every month.

At the same time, a too small amount will significantly increase the installment loan term, because of which you will overpay a lot at the interest rate for each year of using the loan. Typically, lenders set the amount of about 15% -20% of the borrower’s income, but no more so that the borrower does not have problems with the monthly payment of the loan.

4. In order not to happen, try to exclude missed payments

Even a small payment delay can harm your credit. Do not allow this under any circumstances if you do not want to spoil your credit history, mood and pay more money than you should. Besides the fact that late payment instantly lowers your credit score, most lenders have penalties for each day of delay. Other unpleasant consequences are possible, so do not let this happen.

5. Choose the best offer from a suitable reliable lender

Now in the market of installment loans there are many offers of personal loans from hundreds of different lenders. However, not every creditor deserves to apply for he. There are many companies and individuals who use predatory lending methods, when your debt is constantly growing and it becomes harder and harder for you to cope with it, until the debt becomes not at all lifting for you.

The main parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing a lender, in addition to a profitable offer, should be a positive experience in this field and feedback from real people about this lender.

6. Make an effort to repay the loan as quickly as possible

So that the answer to the question “can installment loans harm your credit” does not become positive for you, repay it as quickly as possible. The shorter the installment loan term, the less APR one pays for it to the creditor.

In addition to the money saved on paying interest, you will also put your finances at less risk when you repay the loan as early as possible, especially if you do not have enough savings. But do not forget to ask first about whether the contract provides for additional fees for early repayment of installment loans. Some companies include such fees in the contract, so early repayment of a loan will not be beneficial for you in this case.

All in your hands

Now you see that the answer to the question about can installment loans harm your credit is in your power. It is somehow necessary to solve unforeseen problems, but it will turn out for you whether the benefit or harm will depend on how responsibly you approach this.

If you have already encountered difficulties and are thinking about how to get financial support quickly, then you can use our installment loan application form. Read our blog to learn more about personal finance management.

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