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Repair Fender Dent After A Small Collision. Here Is How

Repair Fender Dent After A Small Collision. Here Is How


Small car collisions occur much more often than serious accidents. Most drivers at least once found themselves in a similar situation in a parking lot or in a dense stream of cars. Very often, such car damage is not covered by insurance, as many car owners choose a larger deductible to pay a lower for insurance policy. At first glance, this may seem like minor damage and not worth spending money on repairing a dent in your wing or bumper. However, such damage after a while makes your car look bad and even unsafe, which significantly reduces its cost. That’s why you should repair fender dent after a small collision.

If the dents are very small and without damage to the paintwork, then you can try several alternative methods to try to remove or at least reduce the dent yourself. At the same time, remember that if you are not an expert in car body repair, then wrong actions can cause even more damage to your car. If you are ready to take this risk, then read on as repair fender dent after a small collision.


Home ways to fix small car body dents

Before you begin to use one of the methods described below, do not forget that even the smallest damage to your car can be considered by insurance companies as an insurance event and may affect your insurance. Find out in your insurer about conditions. If you are sure that it is worth trying one of the independent methods of repair fender dent after a small collision, then here they are:

  1. Boiling water. In order to return hard plastic or metal to its former position, it may be necessary to make considerable efforts so as not to damage the paint. Boiling water will help soften the material a little and facilitate alignment.
  2. The vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner creates reduced pressure, which attracts the surface of the body, if you bring the pipe of the vacuum cleaner as close to the dent on your car’s fender or bumper.
  3. Hair dryer. This device will be effective only in the case of plastic parts, since its temperature is not enough to significantly affect the metal.
  4. Dent Puller. This is a convenient fixture specifically designed for this purpose.
  5. The plunger. It can be used to retract a metal from a dent. To do this, works a piston to create traction.
  6. Dry ice. It can help with shallow surface dents.

Of course, these methods do not guarantee you a result that could be compared with the outcome of the work of experienced auto mechanics with the help of professional equipment, who know in which case what options are needed. If you currently do not have enough free money that you could spend on a professional repair fender dent after a small collision, then maybe you should consider taking a fast small loan, so as not to be in a situation when time is already lost and repairs are much more expensive.

The consequences of minor damage that you will not see immediately

If after the road accident no one was injured, and your car has not lost its driving performance, then you might think that you should refuse to inform your insurance company about this incident and not repair fender dent after a small collision that seems like just a cosmetic damage problem. However, this is only a choice in favor of momentary benefits, instead of long-term ones. You will save a few hundred dollars now, but later, because of this, you will probably lose thousands of dollars by repairing or selling your car. Why is this happening and what can be done about it?

Not many average Americans understand the structure of the car, so we will tell you about the main few reasons from experts in this field, so as not to leave the condition of the car as it is and repair fender dent after a small collision.

  1. Do not let your car turn into a broken-up jalopy ahead of time. Operational repair fender dent after a small collision will eliminate the undesirable consequences that occur from seemingly frivolous dents and scratches. Any damage to the paintwork of your car is vulnerable to rust. Over time, the place of damage can cause weakening of the structure, which is not only ugly, but also makes your car unsafe. Depending on the climate where you live, from a few months to a few years, a large rusty hole appears at the scratch site and then you will have to pay for welding and other complex and expensive types of repair work.
  2. Stay insured. You must report to the insurance company about incidents with your car within a certain time. It is worth calling your insurance agent as soon as possible so as not to miss the opportunity to receive compensation for damage. Even if you have a large deductible, you may not immediately correctly assess the seriousness of the damage and the amount of money required for repairs. However, it is absolutely certain that if you miss the right time to inform your insurer about the damage to the car, then you will not receive compensation and you will have to pay for the entire repair only at your own expense. It is better not to risk being left without insurance coverage for the damage and contact the professionals at the service station as quickly as possible so that they inspect your car and calculate immediately the amount of damage caused to the car. If the damage is less than your insurance deductible, and you currently do not have free money, then you better find the opportunity to receive financial support in the form of a fast loan.
  3. Stay safe in your car. If after a small collision or after a stone hits the windshield, a small chip or crack forms on it, then be aware that delaying its replacement can cost you health. Water will fall into the formed crack each time and after several cycles of temperature change, especially to negative values, the crack will grow significantly. It can cover all glass, greatly impairing visibility and even lead to complete destruction of the glass somewhere along the way. Do not underestimate the value of small chips!
  4. Keep your car value high. Sooner or later, will you ever want to sell your car for some reason. Perhaps you want a new car, or maybe you need urgent money, but in any case you do not want to get less for it than you expected. Remember yourself when you bought a car – you definitely did not want a car with defects, regardless of whether they are inside or outside. In the same way, your future buyer most likely will not want a car with dents, scratches or cracks in the windows. Even if he is ready to buy your car as it is, he will definitely want to significantly reduce the price and will bargain hard. This is a good reason to repair fender dent after a small collision to eliminate its consequences.
  5. Let your car look like sweetie. For many car owners, the appearance of their car is far from the most important factor, unlike the technical condition, but very often the beauty and cleanliness of the car speaks about its condition, as well as about the attitude of the owner to it. So many people determine in appearance whether you care for your car as a whole, and not just for appearance.

How to reduce the likelihood of fender bender

There are no invulnerable cars, just as there are no invulnerable people. No one can guarantee you that your car will not be hooked in the parking or that someone notice when turning into another street. There can be anything on the road, so dents are common.

But still, you can reduce the likelihood of such incidents to a minimum if you follow a few simple precautions.

  • When driving, you should always be serious about driving a car.
  • Stay on top of what’s happening 360 degrees around you. Always look in the rearview mirrors before attempting any maneuver.
  • Adjust rearview mirrors so that while driving you can see the side parts of your car and what is happening next to it.

Generally, this is all you can do to avoid fender bender as much as possible. This is all that depends on you in this case. If such a nuisance does occur, try to eliminate its possible unpleasant consequences as soon as possible and repair fender dent after a small collision.

Solve problems on time

As you can already understand, dents and scratches after minor car accidents may seem worthless, but in reality they pose a threat to both your well-being and your safety. In any case, you now know that they should not be underestimated and take action as quickly as possible. At your earliest convenience, repair fender dent after a small collision to prevent consequences and save yourself from future troubles.

To do this, take it to a car service station and take care of it before it becomes a much bigger problem. Let the professionals do their job.

These costs may now be completely out of time, because you did not count on them, but it will be much cheaper to do it right away, so try to find financial support now, if you have no savings. Quick online loans will help you quickly get the required amount for repair fender dent after a small collision.

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