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How To Repair Fan Coil Breakdown: What You Need to Know?

How To Repair Fan Coil Breakdown: What You Need to Know?


With the onset of the cold season, the correct operation of the fan coil in your home becomes important. This is especially important if you have small children or someone in your family is in poor health. However, any technique has the ability to break and this can happen at any time, regardless of how much you need it at the moment. Repair fan coil breakdown is urgent if you want your health to be safe.

If you do not deal with technology in your professional activity, then it may seem to you that this is a very complex system, but probably every adult can understand the concept of its work. If you know the principles of fan coil operation, then perhaps in some cases you will be able to avoid the expensive repair fan coil breakdown or even its complete replacement.

Why fan coils are so popular

There are various models and versions of fan coil units from different companies, but the concept of their functioning is quite simple and similar in different versions. The reason this type of air conditioning is so common in homes throughout US is its lower cost compared to other types of air conditioners. Fan coil is universal due to its simplicity. It is used in heating, air conditioning and home ventilation systems.

The principle of its operation is based on heat transfer between liquids. Depending on whether you want to heat or cool the room, the fan coil passes cold or hot water through its coil, and the fan creates an air stream. Due to this, heat transfer occurs in the coil tubes, then fan coil is a simple heating or cooling device.

Similar processes take place in your refrigerator or in your car motor with coolant, but fan coils have the ability to work in both directions, so they are universal in their application. Units with two pipes at the same time can work only in one direction – either heat or cool the room. If you need to maintain a different microclimate in some room, then you will need a fan coil with four pipes, which can work both for cooling and heating.

Some models have manual control, others will adjust the temperature you set automatically. Also, fan coils will differ in power and installation location. According to the installation method, fan coils are divided into three main types:

  1. Horizontal ceiling devices. Often they are installed under the ceiling in a return grill.
  2. Vertical fan coils. They are mounted against a wall and are usually designed to control temperature in only one room.
  3. Vertical cabinet. Designed for installation in a separate utility room with access to the outdoor.

The price will depend on all these parameters when buying a new fan coil, as well as when repairing an old one. Repair fan coil breakdown in some cases can be expensive, but when it’s cold outside it needs to be done quickly. In cases where the repair fan coil breakdown came at a late fall, and you don’t have any savings or you don’t have them enough, you may need to seek financial support and take a quick online loan welcome so as not to expose your health and the health of your family members in danger.


Common Problems with Fan Coil Units

Let’s now find out what are the main problems leading to the need for a repair fan coil breakdown. Knowing the main reasons for the failure of fan coils, you will be able to timely notice emerging problems and take measures that will not allow more serious breakdowns to occur.

Air flow

Fans in fan coils are designed for a specific air resistance. If this indicator increases, then the fan will not work efficiently, and also being under increased load will wear out faster. Without giving the required amount of air, the fan coil will not be able to properly heat or cool the air in the room. Why can air resistance increase? The reasons may be different, but most often these are dirty filters and air ducts and coils. Also, an inappropriate duct configuration for a fan of a certain power can create additional resistance.

Cooling problems

To cool the rooms, fan coils must distribute water of a given temperature from the chiller over long distances. Often water is supplied at a different temperature or in an inappropriate design volume. This may result in reduced room cooling performance. There is a big risk that the central unit will not be able to overcome water shortages or exceed the required temperature. In the worst case, the fan coil will need to be replaced. A more powerful fan, more cooling rows, different coil schemes – each of these parameters can be amplified, which will bring a positive result.

Increased noise

One of the tangible disadvantages of this method of adjusting the air temperature is the noise level. In general, they are not so loud, but for a person who is not used to them, some fan coil units are noticeably noisy. This does not apply to all devices, since it often depends on the specific components. Replacing such components eliminates this drawback.

The required air volume will be achieved at lower speeds when replacing the old fan. Most fan coils are designed for high speed. In order to help the performance, the fan must be designed for a lower speed, but with a large number of cooling rows, which will eliminate the noise problem. It is possible to install silencers in the air ducts, but they in turn add air resistance, so you will also need to replace the fan with a more powerful one.

Other breakdowns

There is a possibility of leakage of water or other liquids, as it is used in the system. In addition, these liquids, as well as water, can lead to increased corrosion of the metal parts of the coil. A fan coil will never be able to function properly without the connection between pipes and fins providing heat transfer. The connection between the rib and the pipe is a key feature in the coil. With constant expansion and contraction, the connection of the ribs with the pipe becomes less effective over time.

Also, the device is a mechanical and electrical system, so various mechanical or electrical problems are possible that will require a repair fan coil breakdown. Sometimes fan coils can just freeze. It is worth monitoring the cleanliness of the air ducts and the condition of the filters, changing them in a timely manner so as to prevent clogging of the coil.

In general, component replacement may require financial assistance when you need to apply for a loan to solve problems with fan coil breakdown.

If the coils are chosen correctly, then most of them can serve for decades, provided that they are properly maintained. The service life is affected by the conditions in which fan coils operate, such as air quality and water quality, routine maintenance.

Timely cleaning of finned surfaces allows you to delay the repair fan coil breakdown for the longest possible time and increase the efficiency of the entire device. As a result, having paid for a qualified fan coil service now, you save your money in the future.

Always use special cleaning products, as many of them corrode aluminum fins, which adversely affects the fan coil performance. Corrosion of a rib reduces its thermal conductivity, while degrading the fan coil’s performance. Corrosive liquids, high temperature and pressure do their job, gradually destroying the coil from the inside, reducing the heat transfer that underlies the fan coil.


The Most Common Types of Repair Fan Coil Breakdown

Depending on the initial quality of the fan coil from the manufacturer, on the conditions in which it operates and on maintenance during the entire service life, this period will also depend. In some cases, the fan coil can last up to 30 years. However, during this period you will still have to repair it several times. In some cases, it may be better to immediately replace with a new fan coil, which in the end will cost you less. These types of repair fan coil breakdowns are most often encountered by homeowners or tenants, and often make mistakes trying to solve the problem on their own.

  1. High pressure cleaning seems like a great way to quickly remove dirt from the fins of a coil, but remember that high pressure can bend thin aluminum fins and increase air resistance. This will reduce the performance of the coil, and can also clog the core of the coil, which is very difficult to clean.
  2. A coil failure indicates that your fan coil is leaking. High pressure in the system found its way out there, the tube is weakened and the system is no longer sealed.
  3. Re-soldering in the same place. If you find the place where the system lost its tightness and sealed it, then soon you will have to solder the coil again. The system has ceased to be sealed due to the fact that erosion inside the tube has already significantly weakened it and soon there will be a gap again.
  4. Removing the leaking tube from the circuit. It would seem that you solved the leakage problem by removing the tube damaged by erosion or corrosion, but by doing so you greatly reduced the area for heat transfer, thereby reducing the heating or cooling efficiency. Such a repair fan coil breakdown solution is temporary and only makes sense for the coil to work until it is replaced as soon as possible. For effective operation, the fan coil will have to spend more energy, which will create a gap in your budget through which your money will flow out.

Save your money        

Repair fan coil breakdown of course you need to do to stay in a warm house in the winter and in a cool house in the summer, in case you do not have available funds now to replace your old fan coil with a new one. So that after the repair fan coil breakdown it does its work at the required level, you will need to configure it differently so that you can pull your home temperature back to normal.

You can add the temperature in the boiler, increase the fan speed or adjust the temp in the cooler to achieve the desired effect. In general, this will somehow work, but it is better to reduce the work of the fan coil in this mode to a minimum. Such work will constantly increase energy costs and, accordingly, you will need more electricity to maintain the previous level. Your electricity bills will grow until you have a major repair fan coil breakdown or replace it with a new one.

Repair will not solve the problem at all, but will only have a temporary effect. You will pay for it, then additionally for electricity, all the same, everything will end with the replacement of the fan coil. Of course, it can be difficult for your monthly budget to find money quickly for such unplanned expenses, but you can apply for financial support from lenders by applying for a quick loan online. This one might be a good solution for repair fan coil breakdown so you don’t overpay anymore.

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