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What Can You Do If Your Loan Request Was Denied?

What Can You Do If Your Loan Request Was Denied?


Few people are insured against the situation when loan request was denied. Even if you have a fairly good credit history and a relatively high credit score, the lender may deny you a loan for various reasons.

This may be related to your income level if it is not high enough, or with your living conditions. In any case, whatever the reason for the refusal, you are unlikely to be delighted with this situation, when you needed money.

What can be done in such a position to change it for the better? It is possible that fixing this situation right now will not work, but after some time when making the next loan application you will increase your chances of getting what you need.

Ask the lender about the reason for the refusal

In case of refusal in obtaining a loan ask your creditor about the reason for refusal. Most likely the lender will be able to provide you with such information. Most often it happens all the same because of your low credit.


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Check your credit status when loan request was denied

You can get a free credit report once a year at one of several US credit bureaus. Check your credit rating and find out your credit score. If it is low, understand what you are doing wrong. You probably know about your credit problems that you can fix.

Maybe you made a late repayment for some loan or you have too many credits. Even a parameter than can be imperceptible to you, such as a low balance on a credit card influences the value of your credit score.

Fix errors affecting your credit

Sometimes it happens that credit reports may contain errors. Up to 20% of credit reports in the United States have errors. You can correct these errors if you know about them. Therefore, it is important to control your credit rating.

There may be information about missing loan repayments, which in fact was not. You can prove it, as well as other people’s debts that were mistakenly included in your credit report.

Pay your debts

If you still have outstanding debts that affect your credit rating, think about how you can pay them off as quickly as possible. You can plan your income in such a way as to allocate part of it to pay the debt. You can also find an additional source of income.

Increase your income

If the lender refused to grant you a loan because of your insufficient income, you can convince him of your solvency if you increase your income. Now there are many opportunities to find an additional source of income.

This may be a part-time job, a promotion in the current job, help people in what you are a specialist. The Internet also now offers many opportunities for additional work and finding an additional source of income.

Increase down payment for a loan

If you offer the lender to increase your initial down payment on the loan, he is more likely to approve the loan to you. Of course, this does not give such a guarantee, especially if your loan leaves much to be desired, but it can increase your chances of getting a loan, when loan request was denied.

Find a cosigner

A cosigner will help you get more opportunities to get a loan when you do not have enough credit rating in order to get it yourself. The guarantor must have a high credit rating in order to guarantee the creditor that you pay him a loan on time.

Take into account all the methods described in this article so that next time you do not get a denial of credit from lenders. Receiving a refusal will not make you feel better, so follow these simple tips and be confident in your prosperous financial future.

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  1. Is funny because I got a text message telling me finally my credit was approved for a loan and it ask for me to download this app just to say it was denied this most likely fake what a joke?

    1. Thank you for your feedback and cooperation, Juan! I see that initial analysis of request was based on primary data, and was not confirmed by lenders, unfortunately. But now our special algorithm will choose the best day for the new request. you will get a message.

  2. I just need a very small loan of $250. I make more money than that per week, yet I keep getting denied. How can I get approval for a $250 loan?


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