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Read This To Know How Are Loan Interest Determined

Read This To Know How Are Loan Interest Determined


Every year we need different things, payment of hospital expenses or study in college, repair of our cars or houses. Some people have enough savings or income to just pay for it, but most of us will need a loan to do this. Every year, about 24 million Americans take loans to solve some of their problems. Would you like to know how are loan interest determined when the lender decides to give you a loan?

Credits are never without additional costs for both lenders and borrowers, with the only difference being that lenders compensate their expenses at the expense of borrowers and ultimately earn on loans.

To earn on the issuance of a loan, the lender, according to a certain method, has a loan interest determined, taking into account many factors, in order not to lose, but to make a profit. We, as borrowers at the same time, have no choice when we quickly need money and have to agree to these conditions.

We can only choose between different lenders whose interest rates may differ, but nevertheless it will still be. So, let’s look at how the lenders determine the interest rate at which they are ready to give us a loan.

Credit rating

The condition of your credit or your credit rating has the greatest weight in the equation by which loan interest is determined. At the moment, the interest rate can range from 10% to 32%.

For people with a great credit, which is not less than 720 points according to FICO. If your credit score is not lower than 720, then you can count on the interest rate from 10% to 12% per annum.

A good FICO credit score is 680 to 719, which are considered good and assumes interest rates for borrowers from 13% to 15% per annum. At the same time, the average credit score from 640 to 679 suggests that borrowers with such a credit rating can claim an annual interest rate of 17% to 19% per annum to cover the risks of the lender in case of non-payment or late payment of the loan.

Those borrowers who have bad credit, in the case of a general possibility of credit approval by some lender, will pay the highest interest rate, which will be 28-30%.


The next factor is the ratio of your total debt to your income

As you know, when considering your application for a loan, the lender will first consider your credit rating before proceeding to the next step. Further, lenders will consider your total debt on all loans and credit cards in relation to your total income. The more this ratio will be at a lower annual interest rate, you can count.

Your monthly income must exceed your monthly expenses and the greater this difference, the more favorable conditions for you the lender can offer.

The term of your loan will also be clearly taken into account with a loan interest determined lender. The shorter it is, the better for you. A longer term of your previous loan will mean a higher annual interest rate for you.

Repay your loan

When calculating the annual interest rate for you, the bank takes into account all factors and groups them in such a way that all your debts and interest are equally divided into the same number of payments. Then you get an equal amount of the same amount of payments, which include the interest of the lender and the rest of the payments that you will have to pay under the agreement with your lender.

Most often, payments occur on a monthly basis, but there are various options. You can negotiate with your lender about different conditions and different frequency of your loan payments.

You should also understand that from your payments, money first goes to repay the interest to the lender, and only then to pay the loan amount itself, which you borrowed from the lender.

Bottom line

Now that you understand how lenders determine the interest rate for each particular borrower, you can roughly understand what you expect when you are going to take out a loan. You can also determine the creditor’s adequacy, how much he wants to rob you, or he wants to earn money honestly, taking into account all the risks associated with this business. You will be able to determine the validity of interest rates and make the right choice when looking for a lender.

If you still have doubts, then you can find a lot of useful information about this by reading our financial blog. You can also write to us and get advice from our professional financiers who are ready to answer any question regarding loans and personal finances.

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