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Millions from BMW and Microsoft Race Of Artificial Intelligence

Millions from BMW and Microsoft Race Of Artificial Intelligence


In pursuit of leadership in some high-tech industries, many companies around the world are striving to gain leadership positions. In recent years, developments in the field of artificial intelligence have advanced significantly and, along with the development of other information technologies, the speed with which developments in this industry are evolving has increased markedly.

As you know, often those companies that are the first to enter the market with breakthrough technologies leave many of their competitors and followers behind. It often takes years to close such a gap, and sometimes the leader remains unattainable. Apparently for these reasons, some giants are investing billions of dollars in the development of artificial intelligence technology and take promising startups involved in development in this industry under the wing.

New Chips from Graphcore for Artificial Intelligence

The Bristol-based Graphcore company is working on creating a new class of IC chips for artificial intelligence technologies. The company’s management claims that its processing units are the first in the world to better cope with the huge amounts of data needed, to create computers with artificial intelligence. The company has already sent Graphcore customers – the first blocks of their Colossus processors, designed to launch machine learning programs. Read here about BMW and Microsoft race of Artificial Intelligence.

Graphcore believes that existing processors, like Intel and Nvidia, have limitations that slow down the development of artificial intelligence technology, and Graphcore allows computers to learn automatically. The executive director Nigel Toon said that such a fast-growing market as a machine intelligence market will allow the construction of a global technology company and mark the beginning of a new era of computing technology in the world.

Millions from BMW and Microsoft Race Of Artificial Intelligence 1

Graphcore managed to attract large investments over the past year

This year, Graphcore has already raised $ 200 million from investors, including the giants BMW and Microsoft race of Artificial Intelligence. This business is tentatively estimated at $ 1.7 billion. Such major market players as Dell, Atomico, Samsung, Sofina, Amadeus Capital, Sequoia Capital and Draper Esprit took part in the new round of financing this company.

Last year, Graphcore attracted funding in the amount of $ 30 million, which was attended by the project on artificial intelligence DeepMind from Google in the person of Executive Director Demis Hassabis.

Plans and prospects

Also such IC chips in the world are developing well-known companies in this field as Nvidia, Qualcomm and Huawei. Internet giant Google is also leading the development of its own specialized chips for artificial intelligence. These giants have every opportunity to invest large resources in the development of this topic, so Bristol startup will face a tense race for leadership in the field of artificial intelligence hardware.

Apparently, the company management understands that it has no time to rest on the laurels of its recent successes and therefore it has already announced the immediate plans for the development of the company.They has already announced the immediate plans for the growth of the company. These plans include development of the head office in Bristol, offices in the USA, London, China, Norway, Taiwan, hiring more employees for all branches and offices of the company in the world.

Moreover, the company cannot rely solely on its own intellectual resources, and in the near future they are going to support innovators in the field of AI developing technologies. Also Graphcore management sees a great future for the field of artificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence industry, can be said in a general way is in its infancy now, but the field of its application in the future should not be limited to any narrow areas of industry and communications. After solving some ethical issues, AI can work for the benefit of a human being in almost any field, rather than only for the use of computing power to solve human tasks, while human has a monopoly position in intelligence industries.

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