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The Best Credit Card Offers: How To Choose A Credit Card

The Best Credit Card Offers: How To Choose A Credit Card


Often asking yourself what are the best credit card offers? Today, credit cards become the inseparable part of people’s regular life. Everyone now has a credit card or even two: in fact, credit card application rates are now below 50% for people who receive offers.

But if you’ve never had a credit, your choice between ample of option and possibilities may be puzzling or confusing.

So you may start asking questions like: “Should I get a credit card? What type? How will it affect my credit?” And it isn’t so easy to answer those questions, inasmuch as you can’t afford to take the very first offer – unless you have troubles.

This article will help you to handle with applying, utilizing, and benefiting from credit cards. It’s no matter if you have three cards or don’t have a single one, this guide will be your perfect match.

Why do you want the card?

And the first question arises – what is your main reason to obtain a credit card. Do you fall under one of these major categories?

Credit building

Usually people have bad or not sufficiently credit to do anything. When you get one credit card to rebuild your credit, then that tell lenders about your responsibility. Consequently, before you get a loan, take credit card and use it in turn to build your credit story.

Investing in a Major Purchase

If you already have fine credit and a solid history, but need to borrow money to afford a big buying, you’re falling into this category. Such option as credit card is a great opportunity to improve your available budget, but you must be sure that your income as well as its sources, unless you want to feel yourself drowning in credit card bills with high APR.

Remember about you shouldn’t credit card long time juggle, risks are too high. It will be much better to repay purchases as it possible fast.

Taking advantage of rewards

You should consider rewards, when you get a credit card. If you travel quite often, for example, then do not miss the opportunity to utilize that credit tool that provide additional miles. Cash back is a great offer, too.  It may add up to 1.5-2%.


Those with credit card debt

Sometimes it’s a smart decision to get another credit card, even if you have one. For instance, you can find a credit card with 0% APR to reduce the burden of payments. Once credit card debt starts to interfere with your ability to pay your other bills, it can be suffocating.

Important credit card variables

If you want to make buy with a credit card happy after, learn the five main components of the contract.

The Annual Fee

This is a non-negotiable charge that is taken for the utilizing of the card annually. When you pay your bills in timely manner, it doesn’t go away. We don’t recommend getting a card that charges the fee from you every year unless you have an advantage of the rewards (more on that below). Furthermore, some credit cards come with introductory promos that don’t charge a fee only for the first year.


Interest rates are often overlooked because everyone thinks they will never have problems paying their bills. Most APRs are 25-30%, but some can go down to 11% if you have good credit history. Sometimes there is introductory 0% interest aimed at those who want to make a big purchase and pay it quickly before promo is still up.


It’s worth mentioning that rewards can be of every shape and size, so it’s up for you to decide which one is the most beneficial.

Late fees, transfers, and advances

Credit card companies often charge hefty fees for being late to pay the bill. If you want to transfer your money onto another card, be sure to pay a percentage-based fee, which varies from 3 % to 5 %. For those with multiple credit cards, it may turn into a constant loss of money. Other fees include cash advance fees, “overdraft” fees and foreign transaction fees.

Credit Limit Terms

Credit limits will vary based on credit scores. If you don’t have any credit or bad credit, you may need to go the secured route. Secured cards essentially allow you to set your credit limit by the amount you deposit.

Building Credit Tips

Building credit is the most important thing for everyone, regardless of their credit history. There’s no such thing as too much credit. For first-timers, building credit can seem like an elusive concept to take actual control of credit score.

Removing Debts

The most obvious way to start improving credit before even getting a card is removing debts. There are two ways to do it: to pay them fully or to get them erased. You can legally delete your file with debts older than 7 years. But it doesn’t mean that they won’t be collected from you anymore. It is just not to impact the credit score.

Pay bills on-time & in full

Sounds obvious, but having a history of full credit card payments that are never late is very good.

Save for large purchases

Don’t use a credit card to bail you out or enable a purchase that you probably can’t afford. If you need to buy something really expencive, try to save money.

How to choose best credit card offers

When purchasing your first credit card or your third card, you want to receive long-term profit. Check out all the awards and offers possible. For those who do not have the best credit, but want more rewards: be careful.

It’s easy to get into the trap of spending more than you earn. Also pay attention to all these bonuses when registering on the table. Many of them are associated with unrealistic goals for most member states. Is it possible for you to spend thousands in the first three month to get a $ 150 bonus?

Just to be honest about how much you can afford to pay every month. This basic rules for using credit cards refers to any income or status. The few discounts and interest rates you pay also reject the biggest rewards.

Our picks for top rewards card

Now when we just touched the foundations of how to choose a credit card, it’s time for shopping. There are a number of big offers, indeed.

Here are some of the best credit cards for prizes and bonuses.

Capital One Quicksilver

This card will always be associated with the voice of Samuel Jackson. We also can recommend this card due to its reward, both for new and established accounts. You get a bonus of up to $ 150 for only $ 500 purchase in the first three months.

We think it is a really good bonus. It equals to eat out and having a few shows for most people. The Quicksilver card has 1.5% of the income paid per purchase.

This is a no-nonsense card that will make you to spend a fortune getting a reward. Your cash reward  will never change. This is a long-term you’ll want to use.

The best travel rewards cards

Capital One Quicksilver was awarded with our first choice for cashback reward. There are several winners for the travel bonus. But we want to say it’s usually difficult to earn lots of travel points

The regular travel bonus will allow you to spend $ 3000 in the first 3 months and get 50-70,000 points for that. It is about $ 1,000 on average. If you can afford it, it’s a great bonus.

And now let’s continue the list:

Chase Sapphire Preferred

In the first three months, you get $ 50,000 after spending $ 4,000. It is obvious quite high, but it’s worth it.

Loyalty program of Chase’s Aircraft is the most popular. The points can be exchanged to perks and discount.

Do not confuse this card with a “Reserved” Sapphire card.

It costs $ 450 a year, and it can receive a $300 loan in a year.

Bank of America Travel Rewards

This card allows you to increase the travel point or mileage and convert them to your balance. You can shop around as much as you want, because you don’t need to worry about the different airline offers. This card comes with 25,000 bonus points spent over the first three months of 2,500 dollars. There are no annual fees and high rewards compared to most companies.

Good credit is smart money

Credit cards are useful when they are used with a good life management abilities of the owner. When you have a strong, well-planned future and financial control, a credit card is a great tool.If you live your life without a plan, than credit card is another variable. Always remember there is a huge chance to mess up your life with all these credit debts. But learning how to use money smart, is the key to future success.

Lisa Mcdowell Expert in loans, credit cards, insurances, and your personal, responsive guide to a bright financial future.