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Get Small Personal Loan – Choice Of Provider, Advantages

Get Small Personal Loan – Choice Of Provider, Advantages


Our life is unpredictable, like a raging ocean. Even the most capable of financial planning and responsible people find themselves in situations in which they can not do without a loan. Right in such situations, Bonsai Finance comes to the rescue – we issue small personal loans, we work around the clock and seven days a week.

You don’t have to faze friends, relatives, or acquaintances, ask for advance money at work and generally fuss. Just fill out a short application on our website, get loan approval, and the money appears on your bank card in no time.

For what purposes can I get a small personal loan at Bonsai Finance?

The subtle difference between online personal loans and bank loans is that we do not limit you in choosing the purpose of borrowing. With us you can get a quick loan online for anything:

  • Emergency loan
  • Online payday loan
  • Money for house repair
  • Online real estate loan
  • Loan online for a car
  • Loan for education
  • Wedding loan
  • Holiday loan
  • Business loan

How to choose a microloan provider to get small personal loan?

Reliable microloan companies provide round-the-clock online loans on the card from the age of 21- urgently upon request. When choosing a company, special attention should be paid to its rating. Identify reliable institutions will help thematic sites and reviews of regular customers of financial companies. Among the main signs of stable operation of the institution is a large number of loans issued. The key selection criteria should also include support desk work. Leading microloan providers employ professional consultants who can answer any questions and help arrange short-term online loans.

When choosing a microloan provider, you should carefully study the information on its website. Make sure that urgent loans before paycheck to the card are issued online by ID, without collateral, and at a fixed interest rate. Pay attention to the penalties in case of delay. Remember: repaying the loan on time you will avoid accruing fines, and therefore overpayment.

Under what conditions can I get small personal loan?

Each microfinance company provides an opportunity to apply for trouble-free and urgent loans on a bank card in 5 minutes on its own terms. However, there are several points that can be highlighted:

  1. The interest rate is calculated not per year or month, but per day. However, given the fact that they usually want to take an instant loan on a card without checks, not for a long, but for a short period, a substantial overpayment on loan simply does not have time to accrue;
  2. The standard microcredit period is from 7 days to 1 month. But some microloan companies give out money for up to 6 months or more;
  3. You can get an online credit card without refusal and checks via the Internet – without a personal visit to a credit institution;
  4. Like traditional banks, microcredit companies provide microloans only to adult citizens. You can’t get a loan before the specified age – even with the consent of the parents or guardians.
  5. The period of consideration of an application for a microloan on a card without failure is from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Often, decisions come even faster (as a rule, in the case of credit organizations using systems with automatic solutions).

How much can you count on? If you are a new client, then the loan will be $ 500 or up to about $ 1,500. If you take and repay the debts of a credit institution promptly, the amount will rapidly increase – up to $ 2500 (on average). Some companies issue up to $ 5,000 – on the day of contact without inquiries and underwriters. The main thing is that your borrower rating from this lender is positive.

Online loans. Benefits

  • The main advantage of a microloan is that it can be issued without a pledge or guarantor. It is enough to provide a couple of documents – an ID and Social Security Number;
  • To get small personal loan, you need to have the Internet and a card, where the money will be credited. You don’t have to go anywhere. A loan is issued quickly and conveniently, sitting at a computer. This helps to expand the geography of borrowers. So a small loan can be issued not only in large cities of the country but also in the smallest towns and cities. This method is suitable for all residents of the US, regardless of the place of residence;
  • A huge advantage is that the decision to approve the application and transfer money to the card is very fast. Most microcredit services respond to a loan request no longer than 15-25 minutes. The money will come to your account on the same day. And you can immediately cash them out and spend;
  • The availability of such a loan is almost the main advantage. Any citizen who has reached the age of majority may apply for a small loan. This opportunity is provided to people, both with official employment, and those who do not have an official place of work;
  • The commission of the service is as transparent as possible. The amount of debt that will need to be paid at the end, you can calculate using a loan calculator on the website of any microloan provider. This can be done before you send a request for funds;
  • You can repay loans online ahead of schedule. If you need to extend the refund period, you just need to go to your personal account and report it on the service website;

Repaying a loan is very simple. This is done online or with the help of various payment methods. You can also pay the loan at the bank that is closest to you, after specifying the details and purpose of the payment.

Personal loan repayment procedure

When applying for a loan online for a long period, a repayment schedule is formed. When issuing funds remotely, it will be reflected in the personal account to which the client gains access.

A schedule is a procedure for repaying a loan, which must be observed. For the convenience of borrowers, it is formed in such a way that all payments will be the same in size. The frequency of payment may vary. One company applies for monthly payments, the other every 2 weeks. Weekly cancellation is rarely used because it is not very convenient for borrowers.

The schedule also contains the dates when the money should already be in the account. You can use the services of intermediaries, various payment terminals, etc. They take a commission and usually transfer money during the day. There is also the option of payment through the bank cash desk or any online banking, but this is the longest method. When applying it, you need to deposit funds at least 3 business days before the date indicated in the schedule.

All options for making monthly payments are always reflected on the website of the microfinance organization. There you can find out the size of commissions and the timing of crediting funds.


What is credit history?

Credit history is a dossier for every person who has used credit funds at least once in his life, whether it is a credit card, mortgage, or loans. Credit history stores information about the discipline of repayment. In addition, it contains information on court decisions against the client. Timely payments will increase a person’s rating, delays, on the contrary, will reduce him, forcing new lenders to think about whether to trust money or not.

80% of refusals occur due to poor credit history, so if a loan is refused, be sure to send a request to the database to study the issue. Sometimes inaccurate data gets there – in this case, it will be necessary to solve the problem with the bank that did it.

What is a bad credit loan at Bonsai Finance?

Bonsai Finance, a microcredit financial company, seeks to help each of its clients, even if they do not have an ideal rating. There is one condition. The main thing is that there should be no delays in existing loans. Substantial delays indicate that a person cannot deal with his debts and breaks into new ones, so the company will not trust him with the funds.

Interestingly, this is not only an opportunity to solve a financial problem. It is also an opportunity to raise your credit rating. The company cooperates with the database of credit scores, requesting information about borrowers, and transmitting information about them. This means that if you repay loans in a timely manner, information about this will be sent to a joint base. So your rating will grow, and these are new opportunities. Thanks to him, you can get small personal loan not only in microcredit services but also in banks, receiving larger amounts.

An important point, if you need a cash loan, you will have to personally visit a branch of a financial institution to receive cash at the checkout. A universal recommendation is the design of a bank card. The whole modern world is switching to cashless payments, almost the entire sphere of services and trade uses bank terminals for cashless payments by reading cards. Cards are the safety of using your money; in case of loss, you can easily block and secure your funds.

To get small personal loan with Bonsai Finance is easy. To do this, you do not have to prepare an income statement and go to the office. A loan is issued very quickly: a decision on the application is made within one to two minutes. To get a cash loan through the Internet, just go to the website of a financial company and carefully read the terms of the online loans. If they suit you, you can apply by filling out a particular form.

Unlike a bank, in Bonsai Finance, an instant cash loan to a card online does not require an income statement. The process here takes place in a few clicks, without leaving home.

Instant online personal loans are available to everyone, even with a bad credit history. When making decisions on the application, non-bank financial companies take into account the previous experience of borrowers in using loans, but this indicator is not the main one for them.


We issue loans online around the clock:

  1. For people with bad or missing credit history
  2. Without collateral and guarantor
  3. Without proof of income
  4. For seniors
  5. For students
  6. For disabled people.

At the same time, using Bonsai Finance fast small personal loans online is easy, because we have:

really fast service. We not only maximized the speed of processing the data necessary to make a decision on granting a loan, eliminating all inefficient links from the chain, but also reduced to the necessary minimum the amount of data that you must provide to us.
the shortest and most convenient profile. You do not need to spend more than 3 minutes to fill it.

Very loyal conditions, both for granting loans and for payments.
Guarantees from the company when getting personal loans online

We offer instant loans on the Internet on favorable terms. Our competitive qualities are reliability and openness. Bonsai Finance is honest with its customers from the very beginning. All interest rates, terms, and sizes of repayment are transparent and reliable. At any time, the client can visit his personal account to control the process of payment and interest in the service.

We guarantee that loans on the card will be made with maximum reliability. And in turn, we expect you to pay off online loans. We always meet our clients’ needs and help to extend credit terms if necessary, for a moderate fee.

To get small personal loan in Bonsai Finance is profitable, convenient and fast! Just without leaving home, you can get money on the card. We also guarantee that all information will never fall into the hands of third parties. All work processes, relations between the company and customers are strictly confidential.

Lisa Mcdowell Expert in loans, credit cards, insurances, and your personal, responsive guide to a bright financial future.


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