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First Aid for Toothache at Night – Some Useful Advises

First Aid for Toothache at Night – Some Useful Advises


Many people are familiar with the situation when teeth begin to hurt in the middle of the night. This is one of the very unpleasant situations that happens suddenly, but you won’t be able to get help quickly, because dentists do not work around the clock. Tolerating a toothache until the morning can be completely unbearable, because it is almost impossible to fall asleep. That is why the question of how to get first aid for toothache at night does not lose its relevance.

First aid for toothache at night – what to do? 

Why is it often at night that teeth start to hurt so badly? Teeth problems appear at night, mainly for several of the most common simple reasons. First, you get tired and your body becomes more susceptible.

Then you take a horizontal position when you lie down. The head and body are on the same level and blood rushes to the head. Increased blood flow exacerbates the sensation of pain and can increase inflammation, which is why many people begin to feel the pulsating pain in their teeth and you feel an even greater need for first aid for toothache at night.

That’s why sometimes just raising your head a little higher is enough to reduce toothache. Take a half-sitting position or use an extra pillow to keep your head above your body.

In addition, many different things and events cease to occupy your attention at night, and your entire consciousness focuses on toothache. Toothache is felt so strongly by us, due to the proximity to the brain of the nerve endings in the teeth.


Usually night toothache reveals an existing problem that you might not have noticed before. If you already know that your teeth need treatment, it is best not to delay it and make an appointment with your dentist. Preventing a problem usually happens easier and cheaper than solving it when it has already happened.

Dental services are not cheap, but a person who has experienced a toothache at least once in his life will agree that this is not the case when you need to think about saving. In the end, you can take small fast loan to urgently solve a toothache problem.

Despite everything, there is good news for you that the expectation may not be so difficult. There are several options for relieving toothache at home, which will help you wait until the dentists start working.

7 ways first aid for toothache at night

Of course, these home-based methods will not replace your dentist’s treatment, but it may become easier for you for a while until you get help from professionals. Please note that each of the options described may be more or less effective depending on the cause of your toothache.

  • Rinse your mouth with salt

Probably the easiest option for first aid for toothache at night at home, in addition to raising the level of the head higher, is the option of rinsing the mouth with saline.

Take a cup of warm water and stir a teaspoon of salt in it. Since salt destroys germs, it can reduce inflammation and thus reduce soften pain. Rinsing with saline can also be used as a prophylaxis, because it removes adverse bacteria in advance along with food debris and other particles.

  • Use peppermint tea

Peppermint contains many substances, including menthol, which affect the bacteria in your mouth. Killing bacteria, mint eases your condition, as it slows down the inflammation process. It also contains substances that have an antioxidant effect.

You can rinse your mouth with peppermint tea and also directly suck mint tea bags. The slight chill that you feel when you use peppermint is preceded by a slight numbness. The menthol that it contains can act as a light local anesthetic.

  • Medical preparations

In almost every home medicine cabinet there are over-the-counter pain medications such as ibuprofen, paracetamol, various ointments or their analogues. Tablets usually have an effect on the central nervous system or act on the site of inflammation. Ointments with benzocaine and other active substances most often have a direct local effect. If your toothache is not acute, then these drugs may be your first aid for toothache at night.

However, at the same time, even if such pills helped and relieved pain, you should not rely solely on them. Not only does each drug have its own side effects, the effect of them will still be temporary, but without the timely help of a dentist, you can start the problem to the point where you may need surgery. Particular attention should be paid if toothache has occurred at your children.

Such a turn of events will cost you much more, not to mention the harm to health. Therefore, no matter what financial situation you are in, find the opportunity to ask professionals for help. If you do it on time, you can avoid a lot of trouble.

In this case, you can use one of payday loans, in order to prevent deterioration of the situation and significantly higher costs in the future.

  • Cooling the focus of pain

Due to the narrowing of blood vessels, the pain becomes less noticeable if you cool the place where it comes from. Try applying the ice pack to the place for a few minutes to reduce toothache. If this helps you, then repeat this procedure every few hours to keep the toothache within tolerable.

  • Chew the garlic

Many people like to use garlic with food as a spice, but not everyone knows that it has an antibacterial effect. Thanks to this, it can be used as a first aid for toothache at night and help muffle toothache in order to wait until morning. You need to chew a clove of garlic or, if possible, hold it in your mouth near a diseased tooth.

This plant contains many substances that affect bacteria in your oral cavity, such as allicin, which has a significant effect on pathogenic bacteria. However, garlic has a sharpness and a specific taste, so it can not be used in some cases.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide

In many cases, the cause of toothache is an infectious infection of the gums, due to which bacteria and viruses penetrate the teeth and provoke pain. Everyone knows that good oral hygiene is necessary, but everyone conducts it differently. If it is not enough, then you may encounter problems such as periodontitis and bleeding gums.

Scientists have found that hydrogen peroxide has a beneficial effect on the gums, reducing the likelihood of periodontitis and other gum disease. At the same time, such treatment is hardly worth applying to your child, as it can swallow peroxide and cause unwanted effects. Before using hydrogen peroxide, dilute it one to one so as not to harm yourself.

As in the case of self-medication with many other drugs, you can harm yourself, so it is best to consult a specialist in the field of medicine. The help of doctors may seem like an expensive service, but in the end it can cost you much less than the correction of harm to health.

If you can’t afford it now, request financial support but do not aggravate the problem. This is your health that no one can replace with another. Make an appointment with a doctor to avoid such problems.

  • Use clove

Clinical trials have shown that applying cloves to the gums reduces gum inflammation and pain. The study was carried out on volunteers after tooth extraction, when the gums are irritated and open to various adverse factors.

The fact is that clove contains eugenol, which acts on the gums as an anesthetic. Chew a clove clove or take a paste of crushed cloves and apply to the gums in the area of ​​the diseased tooth.


What causes toothache

The causes of toothache can be many circumstances. The most common is tooth decay, which destroys tooth enamel and makes the tooth vulnerable to bacteria and viruses. Each tooth has a nerve ending, so when the inflammation starts due to bacteria, we feel a toothache.

Also, any mechanical effect on your teeth can cause the destruction of tooth enamel, which ultimately leads to pain and requires first aid for toothache at night. If you missed a visit to the dentist, then the process could already begin. This happens unnoticed until the moment of tooth decay. Then you can’t do without treatment.

The main danger is that through a damaged tooth, an infection can penetrate your body and cause an abscess and other troubles when you have to solve the problem by surgery.

In conclusion

This is a big nuisance for both your body and your wallet. It is worth stopping, the sooner the better. Usually this always happens at the wrong time, when you absolutely do not expect such additional expenses.

Often this becomes a problem for people, but you cannot leave such a problem unresolved, because it can turn into much bigger troubles. It is worth finding a way to visit the dentist and eliminate the problem with a bad tooth.

Take a quick personal loan online so as not to run the problem to a difficult state. These types of loans will allow you to get quick financial assistance first aid for toothache at night. You will not have to pay for the treatment of one tooth for many months. Once lent – once paid. The main thing is to act on time.

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